JamesDonkey R2 Pro Three-Mode Gasket Pro Mechanical Keyboard With Colorful Display Screen

JamesDonkey is a prominent name in the PC peripheral industry. For years, the brand has developed many successful products, especially in the mechanical keyboard and gaming mice categories. Today, we are super excited to bring you their latest launch, introducing the all-new JamesDonkey R2 Pro. It is an upgraded variant for their classic R2 Mechanical keyboard. Crafted with great excellence, the JamesDonkey R2 Pro is a premium keyboard with an aluminium alloy chassis, RGB backlight, Gasket Pro structure design, multi-layered internal padding, and many more features. It is a compact 98-key keyboard that offers great performance suitable for every scenario. Whether you need something for your office setup or something for your entertainment system, the JamesDonkey R2 Pro can be the perfect choice. It is available in either a DIY keyboard kit variant or a fully assembled variant. The R2 Pro is priced at 155.99$ for the Kit-only variant and 175.99$ for the fully-assembled variant. Check out more details here.

JamesDonkey R2 Pro-1

JamesDonkey R2 Pro promises super comfortable typing feedback. It has been designed with a Gasket Pro structure that consists of multiple layers of internal padding along with a single key-slotted FR4 PCB board. We have IXPE undershaft padding, silicone filling layers, soft Poron padding, etc. This multi-layered structure helps us in getting consistent typing feedback with soft acoustics. The different layers of padding not only fill the empty spaces inside the keyboard chassis but also absorb the pressure asserted upon keystrokes.

JamesDonkey R2 Pro-2

JamesDonkey R2 Pro features an intuitive colorful display screen. By default, we can see various keyboard functions and settings on the screen including battery status, active connection mode, etc. It can be customized using the Fn Key and the multi-function knob. The R2 Pro has this metallic knob that allows for easy access to volume and brightness settings on the go.

JamesDonkey R2 Pro is a well-built three-mode mechanical keyboard with a hot-swappable socket design. Every single switch can be replaced easily and the hot-swappable sockets here support both three-pin and five-pin switches.

JamesDonkey R2 Pro-3

JamesDonkey R2 Pro mechanical keyboard has everything that makes it into the advanced keyboard league. We have dye-sublimed PBT keycaps, three-mode versatile connectivity, Windows/Mac dual-system support, RGB Backlight, etc. The RGB here has 18+4 lighting effects offering complete customizability of the backlight. Its 98-key layout is both compact and practical. It suits different use scenarios well and fits in perfectly. JamesDonkey has made the R2 Pro available in multiple colour options. Are you excited for the all-new JamesDonkey R2 Pro?? Order yours with us today!!

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