Weekly New Arrivals Brief: First Week of April!!

Hello Friends,

April has begun with some solid releases in the first week itself. We are super excited to launch all these new products which are loaded with features and are here to enhance your user experience with their sheer performance and rich features. This week we have brought the all-amazing Darmoshark KT68Z ultra-compact 65% keyboard with new-gen magnetic switches, the AULA SC680 wireless 8K gaming mouse, the Darmoshark K3 QMK 21-Key Numeric Keypad, Incott Ghero 8K wireless mouse, and the YUNZII AL75 CNC-machined aluminum chassis wireless keyboard. Let’s get to know these products a bit better.

Darmoshark KT68Z: Ultra-Compact Keyboard with Magnetic Switches.

Price: $129.99.

Darmoshark released this new variant for its famous KT68 ultra-compact 65% mechanical keyboard, the KT68Z. The Darmoshark KT68Z comes equipped with new-generation Magnetic Switches. If you are following the mechanical keyboard industry, you will notice that the Magnetic Switch tech is currently revolutionizing the industry. They support adjustable keystrokes allowing the users to adjust their typing experience from ultra-sensitive key triggers to standard typing feedback. They also support Rapid trigger and Dynamic keystroke functions which provide faster and multiple trigger options with a single keystroke. All these above-mentioned features are fully supported on the Darmoshark KT68Z!!

Other key features include full-key hot-swappable sockets, double-layered internal padding, dynamic RGB backlight, aluminium alloy chassis, etc. Not to mention the exciting color theme of the KT68Z which is eye-catching and treats the keyboard with a premium feel. You can bring the Darmoshark KT68Z home and experience the upgrade in typing experience with the new-gen magnetic switches.

Darmoshark KT68Z-1

AULA SC680: 8K Wireless Gaming Mouse!!

Price: $43.99.

Next up, we have this amazing new mouse from AULA, the SC680. From the outside, it looks classy and elegant and is available in a bunch of colour options. From the inside, it is highly equipped to provide you with an exceptionally solid mouse usage experience. This includes Broadcom KB3633 master control chipset and flagship PAW3395 gaming-grade sensor. The mouse supports an 8K return rate promising almost instant trigger response and silky-smooth tracking accuracy with no lag with the connected device. It is the perfect mouse for gamers that want perfect accuracy and complete aim control, for enthusiasts they can use this mouse to experience the ultra-fast connectivity of an 8000Hz return rate.

With the PAW3395 sensor, the AULA SC680 has a maximum sensitivity of 26000DPI. It supports three-mode connectivity options including Wireless Bluetooth, Wireless 2.4GHz, and Wired USB connection modes. With a large capacity 500mAh battery, the mouse supports an amazing battery backup as well. AULA has designed the SC680 in an ergonomic and comfortable design with just 58 grams of lightweight aesthetics. The mouse is easy to control and provides a solid grip for different users. Are you a gamer looking for your next mouse? AULA SC680 might just be the perfect one!!


Darmoshark K3 QMK: Programmable 21-key Numeric Keypad!!

Price: $55.99.

Along with the KT68Z, Darmoshark has also released a new 21-key numeric keypad, introducing the all-new Darmoshark K3 QMK. This little beast con be your companion for filling up those massive calculations or just as a companion for your compact keyboards. The K3 QMK keyboard is fully programmable using QMK software applications. It has an RGB backlight, full-key hot-swappable sockets, dual-tone PBT keycaps, and a rich design as well. The K3 QMK supports wireless connectivity, you can use it with your existing keyboard as an additional numeric keypad whenever required. Darmoshark has done a great job in the K3 QMK, we personally liked it a lot, are you interested in this compact and useful numeric keypad??

Darmoshark K3 QMK

Incott Ghero 8K Mouse: Ultimate Gaming Solution!!

Price: $49.99.

Looking for a mouse that provides perfect comfort and ultimate performance?? Incott has brought us its latest Incott Ghero 8K wireless mouse that benefits from a customized PAW3395 sensor and 8000Hz wireless return rate support. The customized PAW3395 sensor here provides a maximum sensitivity of 32000DPI with easy and precise 50DPI adjustments possible using the driver software application. Incott Ghero 8K mouse has a natural ergonomic shape promising a comfortable grip for most users out there. It has Huano blue transparent shell pink-dot micro-movement switches that provide a stable clicking experience and quick rebound.

Incott Ghero 8K wireless mouse comes in six beautiful color options and supports dual-mode connectivity straight out of the box(wireless 2.4GHz/Wired), but users can upgrade the firmware and get a three-mode connectivity function supporting wireless Bluetooth as well. The Incott Ghero has two different variants, the standard and the Pro variant. Both the Variant have the same set of accessories and packages, the Pro variant just has better power management and a bigger battery promising a better battery backup. The standard variant lasts for up to 95 hours with a full charge and the Pro variant lasts for up to 143 hours with a full charge. Check out the Incott Ghero 8K mouse, it is one of our favourite releases this week.

Incott Ghero 8K

YUNZII AL75: CNC Machined Wireless Keyboard!!

Price: Starts $94.99.

If you are looking for a sleek and elegant keyboard with solid typing feedback and a premium build structure, YUNZII has brought us the all-new AL75 wireless mechanical keyboard. With a solid CNC machined aluminium alloy chassis available in two color options, the YUNZII AL75 is an amazing offering. It has a gasket-mounted internal structure that promises comfortable typing feedback. Users also have a dynamic RGB backlight with South-facing RGB LEDs.

The YUNZII AL75 is available in three different options, Barebone kit for DIY enthusiasts, or two complete keyboards with PBT cherry profile keycaps and Customized tactile/linear switches. YUNZII AL75 keyboard supports convenient three-mode connectivity as well. Other key features of the AL75 include full-key conflict-free typing, hot-swappable sockets, TKL 75% layout, and a high-capacity 6000mAh battery. The solid set of features here and the premium build make the YUNZII AL75 a special one!!


Final Words:-

The first week of April is booming with all these amazing products. Handpicked by professionals, our team at MechKeys is dedicated to bringing you high-quality products. These abovementioned products are here to greatly enhance your experience in both gaming as well as office setups. So, tell us, which product interested you the most today??

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