Weekly New Arrivals Brief: Fourth Week of March!!

Spring is right here and we are currently running some amazing discounts on our Spring Sale 2024. With the arrival of Spring, March is also halfway done and we have got some solid arrivals for the fourth week of March. This past week has brought us some solid products including a Three-Mode Mechanical Keyboard kit, Flagship gaming mice, etc. We are excited to launch all these products on our website, let’s have a look at these latest arrivals.

Monsgeek M5W Three-mode Keyboard Kit: Premium Three-Mode Metallic Keyboard Kit!!

Price: $149.99.

Monsgeek is one of the top manufacturers of high-quality premium keyboard kits in the market. Their latest M5W offers an ideal solution for people looking to DIY a full-sized 108-key keyboard. Designed with ultimate-level craftsmanship, the Keyboard Kit has a CNC-machined metallic alloy chassis. It has hot-swappable sockets along with finely tuned stabilizers offering wobble-free operation in the final keyboard. It also has a Gasket mounted structure design offering a satisfying typing experience.

Monsgeek M5W-1

Monsgeek M5W keyboard kit is available in three colour options, and the Purple one is our absolute favourite one among the three. It can be a great recommendation for people who are looking to build their own full-sized keyboard with advanced features including a mounted Structure, RGB Backlight, Three-mode wireless connectivity, and many more. Are you planning for a new DIY Project? Monsgeek M5W is going to be a great choice available now for just $149.99.

MCHOSE K87: Exclusive Three-mode TKL Keyboard!!

Price: Starts $75.99.

MCHOSE launched its latest 80% TKL keyboard last week, the MCHOSE K87. MCHOSE has designed the K87 for extremely comfortable typing feedback with advanced features such as Gasket Mounted internal, six-layered sound and shock-absorbing padding, and a single-key slotted PCB. It also has a customized Nameplate at the back. The key attraction here on the K87 is its colourful RGB experience. Along with the RGB backlight, we also have an RGB light strip wrapped around the top part of the Chassis.


Other features include Hot-Swappable Sockets, OEM Height Side-Engraved Keycaps, three-mode convenient connectivity, Windows/Mac dual-system support, etc. It houses a 6000mAh high-capacity battery that provides an extremely solid backup with full charge. So, looking for an impressive TKL Keyboard? MCHOSE K87 is a great offering available in multiple color options.

DAREU A980 Pro/Pro Max: Flagship Three-Mode Gaming Mice!!

Price: Starts $55.99.

DAREU last week came up with two upgrade models to its flagship A980 gaming mice, introducing the DAREU A980 Pro and A980 Pro Max. These two revolutionized the market with their extraordinary performance. Equipped with top-quality hardware including HiSilicon SLE05 main chipset, PAW3395 flagship gaming sensor, etc.  They offer class-leading performance with 8K wired and 4K wireless return rate support. We also have TFT colorful display screen on the A980 Pro Max, that can be customized with different functions and features. Both the mice come equipped with new-generation Kalih Black Mamba GM8.0 micro motion switches. They have comfortable ergonomics with a lightweight design. They both come equipped with high-capacity batteries offering an outstanding battery life of up to 130 hours. If you are a competitive gamer or just a casual gamer, you definitely need these to upgrade your gaming setup for enhanced performance.

DAREU A980 Pro Max-1

Keydous NJ80-CP: Three-Mode Keyboard With Magnetic Switches!!

Price: $109.99.

Keydous NJ80-CP is another compact 80% TKL keyboard with new-generation Magnetic Switches. Magnetic Switches are super solid for performance as they are completely customizable in terms of trigger points. The NJ80-CP has an adjustable trigger range of 0.2mm to 3.1mm with a highly precise 0.1mm adjustment. The keyboard also supports Rapid Trigger and Dynamic Keystroke functions as well. As for build quality, the NJ80-CP has a solid build with a programmable Aluminum alloy knob. Keydous NJ80-CP offers versatile three-mode connectivity including Wireless Bluetooth, Wireless 2.4Ghz, and Wired USB connection options. Keydous NJ80-CP is the ideal keyboard for competitive gamers who want pixel-precise control in their video games. Grab this stunning keyboard for just $109.99.


AttackShark K85: Experience The Magic Of Magnetic Switches!!

Price: $79.99.

AttackShark K85 is a compact 75% keyboard with 82-key arrangement. The keyboard comes with new-generation magnetic switches that offer outstanding typing feedback with smooth linear movement, quick trigger response, adjustable trigger response, and Rapid Trigger function as well. Adjust the trigger point on the K85 keyboard from anywhere between 0.2mm to 3.8mm. It has low-latency wired connectivity that enables faster response time making it a great choice for gamers. AttackShark K85 packs impressive performance and goes easy on the pocket priced at just $79.99!!

Attack Shark K85

Fosi Audio K5 Pro: Sonic Brilliance For Gamers!!

Price: $79.99.

We offer a complete package to gamers, from high-end gaming mice to premium quality gaming keyboards, to some solid audio products as well. We have launched the Fosi Audio K5 Pro Mini stereo gaming DAC and Amplifier. The K5 pro is a powerful headphone DAC and Amplifier with microphone support. It has USB Type-C, Optical, and Coaxial inputs, a 3.5mm headphone jack, a 3.5mm mic input, and RCA output as well. The K5 pro supports 24-bit/96khz sample rate decoding. It has a strong output providing up to 1W output at 16Ω impedance load. Fosi Audio K5 Pro elevates your gaming experience with its outstanding sonic capabilities!!

Fosi Audio K5 pro

Final Words:-

Are you excited for all these new and amazing products? Each one of the above-mentioned products is of top-notch quality that can greatly improve your usage experience. We at MechKeys are constantly working to bring you new and updated products. Kindly stay tuned with us for the latest products in the industry!!

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