AJAZZ Introduces AJ199 Pro 4K Gaming Mouse

Nowadays 4K or 4000Hz return rate has become a general requirement for gaming peripherals including gaming mice and keyboards. Obviously, who doesn’t like faster response time and quicker inputs? Brands are now releasing new and updated products with 4K return rate support. Today, we are delighted to launch a brand new 4K wireless three-mode gaming mouse, the AJAZZ AJ199 Pro 4K edition. The mouse comes as a successor to the highly acclaimed AJ199 that came out sometime last year. AJAZZ has improved on every single component inside the AJ199 to take the performance to the ultimate next level on the AJ199 Pro 4K. Designed with NORDIC 52840 flagship-level chipset, PAW3395 sensor, Huanuo Blue Transparent Pink-Dot Micro-Motion switches, a large-capacity battery, and many more features, the AJAZZ AJ199 Pro 4K takes your gaming experience to a new level. Grab the AJAZZ AJ199 Pro 4K today for just $49.99.

AJAZZ AJ199 Pro 4K-1

AJAZZ AJ199 Pro houses NORDIC’s flagship 52840 main control chipset. It provides a highly efficient performance with 4K return rate support and efficient power management. It’s with the help of this NORDIC 52840 chipset that the AJ199 Pro manages to provide a long-lasting battery life with class-leading performance. Along with the PAW3395 sensor, the AJ199 Pro promises pixel-precise accuracy and smooth tracking. Not to mention the 4K return rate ensuring a silky-smooth tracking performance and instantaneous response time. All these above-mentioned features make the AJ199 a worthy choice for both gamers as well as casual users.

AJAZZ has designed the AJ199 Pro 4K mouse with a comfortable ergonomic design. The shape of the mouse will provide a comfortable grip to most users. It also has a lightweight design, the mouse weighs just 59 grams. Lightweight ergonomics and a comfortable grip ensure a satisfying glide and a smooth glide control on the mouse. These are some of the key features every gaming mouse should have for the best experience, the AJ199 Pro just brings the perfect experience for its users.

AJAZZ AJ199 Pro 4K-2

AJAZZ AJ199 Pro 4K mouse adopts high-quality Huanuo Blue-Transparent pink-dot micro-motion switches. They offer smooth and silent clicks with a durability of up to 80 million clicks. The AJ199 Pro 4K mouse also has a TTC Encoder for smooth and precise scrolling. AJAZZ AJ199 Pro offers easy connectivity to its users with its versatile three-mode connectivity. It supports wireless 2.4GHz, wireless Bluetooth, and wired USB connectivity options.

AJAZZ AJ199 Pro 4K-3

AJAZZ AJ199 Pro 4K gaming mouse promises nothing else but class-leading performance with a fantastic battery life and comfortable ergonomics. It enhances your gaming performance with its precise accuracy, smoother tracking, and 4K return rate support. The AJ199 Pro 4K is launched in two color options, White and Black. It is launched officially for an interesting price of $49.99. We said interesting because it is quite an attractive price considering the set of features and hardware that the AJ199 Pro packs!! Order yours with us today!!

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