Esports Tiger Qingsui 3 Pro Mousepad Review- Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Author:snakcaz1(community reviews)


  • Size: 480*400*6mm

  • Plain woven fiber

  • ER non-slip bottom

I've always loved the Qingsui line-up. EspTiger makes a lot of amazing mouse pads, and it's definitely exhaustive and mind-boggling when trying to find their perfect mousepads. The mousepad space is tough and at some point they're really just competing for the best bang-for-buck. You don't really need an artisan pad to feel like you're playing at your peak, and that's where the QingSui Pro 3 comes into play.

After playing about a month straight on the mousepad, figured that would be a good amount of time to give my review on the pad itself.

Mousepads-wise I have used an extensive list. A few to name would be the artisan zero ("control-based" although the Type-99 in the pipeline will soon take that title), LGG Saturn & Pro, Qingsui 1/2 Pro, GSR-2, AC2 plus, and many others.

Review: The QingSui Pro 3 is a control-based mousepad that is 6mm thick (beefy but soft), and muddy but smooth surface. With each generation, EspTiger aims to improve on the minor faults of the last. Since this is a control-based mousepad, I tested this in tacFPS games such as Val/CS2, and some Kovaak Micro and click timing scenarios.


Surface: smooth, soft (easy on the skin for those with sensitive skin), and is not affected by moisture or humidity. The surface (similar to the previous 2Pro+) although is smooth, also has a high static friction for the mousepad. This mousepad makes the zero feel like a speedpad. Although it may sound like an extreme level of slow, it is actually very manageable and makes your larger flicks less jittery as a result of 'stopping on a dime'. This benefits users with a high level of macro and micro muscle control, but thus raises the skill ceiling of the mousepad.


Speed: In terms of speed and the past history of control pads I've used, it marks in-line with its predecessors.

  • (Slow) QingSui 1/2/3 Pro > GSR2 > LGG Saturn/Pro> AC2 > Artisan Zero (Fast)

Micro-adjustments take a bit extra effort because I am fighting the high-static friction. (this got easier after the 1st couple days and I know what to expect of the tendencies of the pad and how much force to put and move my mouse).


Stitching: The sides of the mousepad show no fraying and is well made and secured. In the month that I used the pad, there are no signs of fraying or peeling from the sides, and I have no worries it will be durable for extended usages.


Size: The mousepad size is fairly adequate and has a lot of real-estate surface to work with. The logo is off to the top right so it doesn't affect your main center usage area, nor will you rub on it while swiping.

The base is a soft foam, does not slip on the desk. It is also 6mm thick and you can squeeze the mousepad to feel its density. But otherwise a very solid premium mousepad.


Final Verdict: The Qingsui 3 Pro is a pad for highly skilled and fine-motor controlled users that are looking to land their first initial flick. Ideally this pad is best for users who want to stop on the spot (think pokeball scenarios on kovaaks/AL), and of course ideal for tacFPS games such as Val/CS2 etc. If you find yourself making a lot of microadjustments, you may need a longer acclimation time period to adjust to the higher static friction that the 3 Pro has. But once you've adjusted to it, you will notice some pretty snappy flicks!

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