WAIZOWL OGM Cloud 4K Review Roundup

WAIZOWL is a highly-recognized brand in the PC peripheral market. The brand is known mainly for its excellent range of esports peripherals including high-performance gaming mice. Competitive Esports gaming mouse is their core category with an expansive range of successful products available worldwide. Among their lineup, the OGM series of products has created a lot of praise mainly because of their amazing performance, accurate tracking capabilities, multiple connection modes, high-speed return rate support, and also lightweight designs. Late last year, WAIZOWL came up with an amazing product in the OGM series, the WAIZOWL OGM Cloud. It is a high-speed esports gaming mouse with a maximum return rate of 4000Hz. Equipped with the latest PAW3395 sensor and NORDIC 52840 core chipset, the WAIZOWL OGM Cloud 4K offers excellent performance with pixel-precise tracking, high sensitivity, and lightning-fast return rate support. The OGM Cloud 4K gaming mouse offers a great in-hand feel with its delicate skin-like texture. Well, that’s a lot of praise and a basic set of features that we already know about the OGM Cloud 4K. Now let’s check out what some reviews tell us about this latest mouse.


All the impressions and thoughts in this blog are based on the content created by the respected reviewer, we have simply modified the text a bit for easy understanding for our readers.

Boardzy(YouTube Video Review):-

Boardzy has done an extended and in-depth review of the WAIZOWL OGM Cloud 4K on his personal YouTube channel. He liked the mouse for its clear performance, comfortable design for large hands, and fast return rate support as well. As per him, “WAIZOWL Cloud is a large mouse with 57 grams lightweight design structure.” He finds the mouse to be very comfortable and well-made with excellent clicks and a good sensor. According to Boardzy, the WAIZOWL OGM Cloud has light keys with good pre-travel and light trigger force. He likes the texture coating on the mouse and even calls it one of the best on the market. However, he did have some issues with the side buttons, but he gives the mouse the seal of approval and also calls the mouse a great choice for users with large-sized hands. We enjoyed watching his review, you can also watch his in-depth take on the WAIZOWL OGM Cloud. You can also check out his complete review for an educated call on the mouse.


AimAdapt(YouTube Video Review):-

AimAdapt has an active YouTube channel where he continuously makes content related to gaming mice and other PC Peripherals. He liked the WAIZOWL gaming mouse and calls it to be very similar to one of his favourite mice. He likes the Red and White color scheme and also likes the usability of the mouse. As per his review,” The mouse offers great performance with fast tracking and accurate sensor. The 4K return rate is fast and offers fantastic performance.” However, he finds the mouse to be a bit wider and may not be the perfect one for people with smaller hands. His video review is very detailed and also includes a comparison with many other mouse. It’s worth a watch as he has talked about different aspects of the OGM Cloud 4K deeply in his video. Do check out his review for a detailed and comparative take on the OGM Cloud 4K.


Euphrao’s Stuff(YouTube Video Review):-

This is a well-detailed and in-depth review video by the channel on the WAIZOWL OGM Cloud gaming mouse. He appreciates the mouse for its excellent comfort and grip and recommends this to users with medium to large-sized hands. The rich matte finish also helps in getting good grip on the mouse plus gives the mouse a premium feel. He found the mouse to be quite responsive and accurate. The Huano Pink-dot micro-motion switches provide a tactile clicking experience. He describes the Scroll wheel as soft and mellow, with light and quiet movement. Euphrao’s Stuff liked the WAIZOWL OGM Cloud, watch out his complete review on his YouTube from the link below!!

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