TTC Introduces All-New Flaming Orange POM Material Switches

TTC is one of the largest manufacturers of high-quality mechanical switches that are widely used in Mechanical keyboards today. TTC has an expanded range of mechanical switch options that one can purchase and upgrade their existing keyboard With. Today, we are delighted to announce a brand-new switch that is soon going to be available in the international market, introducing the all-new TTC Flaming Orange switches. With its POK material long Shaft core, POM material top and bottom cover, and extended 24mm spring, the TTC Flaming Orange switches offer a silky-smooth linear actuation with a quick and satisfying rebound. TTC Flaming Orange switches come factory lubricated, they are extremely comfortable to type on straight out of the box!!

TTC Flaming Orange-1

TTC Flaming Orange switches have a solid and robust build structure. The POK material shaft core has a blazing orange color while the POM material top and bottom covers have an elegant off-white color theme. The switches also have a light condenser that showcases the RGB of your keyboard in full glory. They have a double-sided wall core design that prevents unnecessary wobbling and ensures a comfortable typing experience for the users.

TTC Flaming Orange-2

As for the technicalities, the Flaming Orange switches have 45gf trigger force with 1.8mm trigger stroke and 3.6mm total key travel. They have a 24mm long spring that greatly provides a quick rebound offering satisfying typing feedback with the switches. The POM material top and bottom cover. POK material shaft core promises a silky-smooth movement. TTC’s self-lubricated design also helps in getting smoother movement with the Flaming Orange switches.

TTC Flaming Orange-3

TTC Flaming Orange switches are highly versatile, they will be perfect for both gaming as well as office keyboards. The linear movement, the silent operation, and the linear movement make them a perfect choice for different scenarios. The TTC Flaming Orange switches will be released shortly. They will be released alongside the MCHOSE Z75 three-mode wireless gasket-mounted keyboard which will also be revealed shortly!!

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