AKKO Celebrates 7th Anniversary With New Launches!!

AKKO is a well-reputed brand in the premium PC peripheral market. Founded back in 2016, AKKO Specializes in mechanical keyboards, gaming mice, mousepads, keycaps, etc. Their products are known for their high-quality build, unique design themes, and affordable prices. They are also known for their innovative designs and their willingness to collaborate with other brands. For example, Akko has partnered with anime and gaming brands to create themed keyboards and mousepads. This year, AKKO has completed 7 years in the market, celebrating this big achievement, AKKO has released a bunch of new and updated products that are developed with unique and new themes to mark the seventh anniversary. Let’s have a brief look at all the new offerings from AKKO!!

AKKO 5108S Melody Full-Sized Mechanical Keyboard:-

Introducing a special-themed designed 108-key full-sized mechanical keyboard, the AKKO 5108S Melody. AKKO has worked closely with Sanrio and developed the character “Melody”. Melody is a cute character with a pink and white theme which is implemented beautifully on the keyboard. It’s a beautifully crafted keyboard with a customized designer theme pattern. We also get a bunch of supplementary keycaps with different emotions of Melody.

AKKO 5108S Melody Mechanical Keyboard-1

Like every other keyboard by AKKO, the 5108S Melody also has a bunch of key features including full-key hot-swappable sockets, full-key conflict-free typing, RGB backlight, Durable PBT build, and more. The 5108S Melody is launched officially for 69.99$, you can check more information here.

AKKO MOD 007PC Seventh Anniversary Special Keyboard:-

Marking the seventh anniversary, we have the all-new AKKO MOD 007PC mechanical keyboard. It is a compact 75% keyboard with a unique cartoon character design theme. It’s as charming as it gets with specially dye-sublimed PBT Keycaps. The MOD 007PC adopts new-generation Customizable Magnetic switches that enable full control of the hands of the users to adjust the keystroke. It’s a key feature which allows you to easily adjust the trigger force for each key on the keyboard, pretty amazing!!


AKKO MOD 007PC keyboard has a comfortable gasket design with three-layered sound-absorbing padding for enhanced typing feedback and soft acoustics. We have an independent volume knob, full-key hot-swappable sockets, RGB backlight, etc as the main features. AKKO has featured a brilliant design theme to mark it as its special seventh-anniversary keyboard!! AKKO 007PC is launched officially for 139.99$, check out more details here.

AKKO 5108B POCHACCO White-Green Keyboard:-

AKKO has collaborated with Sanrio using their famous POCHACCO dog character with its stunning White and Green colour theme. It is a full-sized 108-key mechanical keyboard with an eye-catching designer look achieved with a combination of White and Green colours. We have a beautiful artistic look with the keyboard with a versatile three-mode connectivity function allowing for easy pairing with different devices.


AKKO 5108B POCHACCO White-Green keyboard has dynamic RGB backlight, full-key hot-swappable sockets, and finely-tuned satellite stabilizers, each feature contributing to comfortable typing feedback. The design theme of the 5108B POCHACCO White-Green is simply astonishing. It is launched for 79.99$, check out more information here.

AKKO 5108B POCHACCO White-Blue Keyboard:-

AKKO has brought us two variants for this POCHACCO keyboard, the key features are the same but the colour theme is different here. We have a White-blue theme design with eye-catching designer PBT keycaps featuring POCHACCO’s beautiful design elements. Not just the keycaps, but the entire keyboard chassis also has an eye-catchy design.


AKKO 5108B POCHACCO White-Blue has all the features same as the White-Green variant just another color option. You can choose between the. The price is also the same at 79.99$. More details are available here.

AKKO SPR75 Keyboard Kit:-

Are you an enthusiastic guy/girl who wants to craft their own keyboard from the ground up?? AKKO SPR75 is the perfect keyboard kit to begin with. It has a unique Spring structure design that allows the users to easily adjust the rebound by replacing the springs inside. It adopts high-quality internal components such as FR4 Gold Immersion PCB Positioning Plate, anodized middle frame, etc. that help in achieving a consistent and stable operation.


The AKKO SPR75 keyboard kit has full-key hot-swappable sockets supporting both 3-pin and 5-pin switches making the keyboard kit compatible with most switches in the market. It has a compact 75% keyboard layout. The keyboard kit also supports full-key conflict-free typing, a perfect choice for consistent typing performance. AKKO has priced the SPR75 keyboard kit attractively at just 189.99$, check out more details here and craft your perfect keyboard yourself!!

We believe in AKKO. Their products are well-received by the users and their designs are completely unique and impressive. We congratulate them on their 7th anniversary and are super happy to launch all these products on our website. You can check out the complete AKKO catalogue over here.

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