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Holidays are about to get over and the Autumn is just around the corner, It’s that time of the year again, Back to the School. Whether you’re a student all prepared to join the school for the next semester or a dedicated gamer looking to upgrade or add fun to their existing setup, we’ve happily brought you our Back to the School Sale for 2023. Enjoy exciting deals on our Aliexpress store with outstanding offers and crazy discounts on a variety of products from famous brands such as WAIZOWL, JamesDonkey, YUNZII, CIDOO, etc. Enjoy exciting discounts of up to 20% off and also get free discounts such as 4$ off on 35$ purchase, 10$ off on 70$ purchase, and 20$ off on a purchase of 100$ & more. So what are you waiting for? Our “Back to the School” sale starts 21st August and it will be active till 27th of August only on our official MechKeys Aliexpress Store. You can check out our entire sales catalogue here. Let’s explore some of our favourite deals this sale.

JamesDonkey RS2 Rosy: Comfortable Typing With Spectacular Retro Feel!!

Retail Price: 109.99$

Back to the School Deal: 94.99$.

JamesDonkey RS2 is a premium mechanical keyboard with a customized 99-key arrangement and a multimedia volume knob. For comfortable Typing, the keyboard features a soft-elastic Gasket Pro design along with a multi-layered sound-shock absorbing internal structure. JamesDonkey recently released the new RS2 Rosy with a beautiful White and Red colour theme. It looks spectacular with its lovely retro theme. RS2 Rosy is an enthusiastic keyboard that fits perfectly in different scenarios. Whether you are a student who needs to complete your homework or a gamer who wants to play some games, the RS2 Rosy is a fantastic choice. Grab it for an exciting offer of just 94.99$ during our Back to the School Sale.

JamesDonkey RS2 Rosy-1

CIDOO V21 Numpad: Numeric Pad for Compact Keyboards!!

Retail Price: 65.99$

Back to the School Deal: 58.99$.

Do you own a compact keyboard, 60%, 65%, 75%, or even 80% TKL? and you feel the need to use a Numeric pad during work?  well, we have brought the perfect numeric pad keypad for you, The CIDOO V21 numeric pad will be available on a crazy discounted price this sale. This is a beautifully built numeric pad with a gasket structure, RGB backlight, hot-swappable sockets, and many more features making it an ideal companion for compact keyboards. Grab the V21 for just 58.99$ during our Back to the School Sale!!

CIDOO V21 Numpad-1

IROK FE87 Batman: Compact TKL Keyboard With Batman-Themed Keycaps!!

Retail Price: 69.99$.

Back to the School Deal: 62.99$.

Batman fans Rejoice, your favourite keyboard is here and it will be available for a discount as well. IROK has designed its traditional FE87, a compact TKL keyboard with dye-sublimed PBT material keycaps featuring Batman-themed design on the Keycaps. The keyboard looks spectacular, the legends are bold with unique Batman-related themed design on several keycaps. It’s a must-have keyboard for lovers of the Hero!! It will be available for a discounted price of 62.99$ only on our Aliexpress store sale!!

IROK FE87 Batman

IROK FE87 Harry Potter: Magical Hogwarts-Themed Keyboard!!

Retail Price: 139.38$.

Back to the School Deal: 112.38$.

Specially designed for the fans of the Harry Potter Saga of movies, the FE87 Harry Potter Themed keyboard is an amazing choice. Available in four different colour options dedicated to different houses in Hogwarts, the IROK FE87 Harry Potter keyboard makes you feel the magical world with its exciting design theme. The keyboard comes bundled with Rinko Touch Keycaps so you get an option to change the keycaps to an eye-catchy set as well with the included deal. Grab this combo for just 112.38$ during our Back to the School sale.

IROK FE87 Harry Potter

YUNZII KC68 Mint RGB: Compact Keyboard With Soothing Colour Theme!!

Retail Price: 89$.

Back to the School Deal: 74$.

YUNZII KC68 Mint is a compact 68-key keyboard with full-key hot-swappable sockets, RGB backlight, and many more advanced features. This compact keyboard has an eye-pleasing minty colour theme achieved with high-quality PBT material keycaps crafted delicately with the Dye-Sublimation process. It provides exceptional typing feedback and allows full DIY with its hot-swappable sockets. In stock form, users can choose the KC68 Mint with Gateron Switches. Get this ultra-compact 65% keyboard for just 74$ during our Back to the School sale available only on our Aliexpress store.


WAIZOWL OGM Pro: Premium Quality Three-Mode Mosue!!

Retail Price: 99.99$.

Back to the School Deal: 94.99$.

For precise accuracy, ultra-smooth tracking, and a comfortable grip, WAIZOWL OGM Pro is a fantastic three-mode wireless mouse that can be used with a variety of sources. Equipped with a flagship PAW3395 optical sensor, the OGM Pro delivers impressive aim accuracy and precise accuracy suitable for any use case. It’s an ideal mouse that is perfect for every scenario. It supports a maximum DPI of 26000 with a maximum tracking speed of 650IPS and a maximum acceleration of 50g. The OGM Pro supports WAIZOWL’s Surpass Speed high-speed wireless connectivity that promises stable low-latency lag-free connection with the source device. An amazing mouse is now available at an amazing deal, grab the WAIZOWL OGM Pro for just 94.99$ from our Aliexpress store!!


JamesDonkey RS2 3.0: Ultimate Three-Mode RGB Keyboard!!

Retail Price: 115.99$.

Back to the School Deal: 107.99$.

JamesDonkey RS2 3.0 is the third-generation product for the ultimate RS2 keyboard from the brand. It’s a 99-key keyboard with three-mode wireless connectivity, a multi-function colourful display screen, a multimedia knob, premium Gateron G Pro 2.0 Silver and Kailh Box V2 Red mechanical Switches. With a gasket pro internal structure, the RS2 3.0 keyboard offers ultimate typing comfort. It also has a full-color RGB backlight with 17 different effects to choose from. JamesDonkey RS2 3.0 is a one-point ideal keyboard suitable for every use case. Grab the RS2 3.0 for an amazing deal price of just 107.99$ during our Back to the School Sale!!

JamesDonkey RS2 3.0

JamesDonkey RS6: Colorful Transparent Keyboard With Eye-Catching Color Options!!

Retail Price: 119.99$.

Summer Deal: 111.99$.

JamesDonkey RS6 is another famous model from the brand. This beautifully built keyboard has a 96-key arrangement with a colourful transparent chassis and metallic backplate. The keyboard comes equipped with high-quality Gateron G Pro mechanical switches. Users can also customize their experience with the keyboard as it supports hot-swappable sockets!! JamesDonkey has featured versatile three-mode connectivity on the keyboard making it a versatile one. Grab the JamesDonkey RS6 for just 111.99$ during our Back to the School Sale!!

JamesDonkey RS6

JamesDonkey RSH Retro OEM Keycaps: Retro-Themed Keycaps!!

Retail Price: 35.99$.

Back to the School Deal: 29$.

If you are a fan of retro-themed keycaps, the JamesDonkey RSH Retro OEM keycaps are something to look out for. Made up of high-quality PBT material, they offer amazing durability and the retro colour theme is a treat for the eyes. The keycaps have an OEM profile which makes them suitable for most keyboards and comfortable for most users. The keycaps are crafted using a high-quality dye-sublimation process!! Grab the amazing JamesDonkey RSH Retro OEM keycaps for just 27.99$, the best price for these amazing keycaps ever!! The deal is available only on our Aliexpress store only!!

JamesDonkey RSH

Rinko Touch Keycaps Set: Ultimate Designer PBT Keycaps!!

Retail Price: 69.99$.

Back to the School Deal: 59.99$.

Z Review Rinko Touch Keycaps are made up of high-quality PBT material. These come as a set of 156 keys suitable for different keyboard layouts. These feature an exciting look and unique design theme. The set comes with designer novelty keycaps included in the set. These are highly durable and feature an image of the Rinko character. Pretty sure these are gonna fill your keyboard with a new life. Grab the amazing keycaps for just 59.99$ during our Back to the School Sale!!

Rinko Touch Keycaps

Final Words:-

These are just a small glimpse of the big picture. There are many more products available at exciting deals from the above-mentioned brands. Upgrade your work setup or your gaming setup with a new mechanical keyboard and premium-quality gaming mice. Get exciting offers and lovely discounts with our Back to the School sale available only on our Aliexpress store. Check out the entire sales catalogue here, for any further assistance you can write to us at support@mechkeys.com.

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