Monsgeek M6 Alice 65% Ultra-Compact Mechanical Keyboard Kit

From pre-built keyboards to completely DIY keyboard Kits, Mechkeys has always brought you top-quality mechanical keyboards from the top brands in the industry. Today, we are proudly launching a brand new keyboard kit with a custom 65% Alice layout, introducing the Monsgeek M6 Alice. Monsgeek is a reputed name when it comes to premium quality DIY keyboard kits. The latest M6 Alice boasts an innovative new 65% Alice layout with a 68-key arrangement. Like other products from Monsgeek, this one also comes with an advanced build and features such as a high-quality CNC machined aluminium alloy frame, Soft Elastic Gasket Structure, South-Facing RGB LEDs, etc. Design your next keyboard, your way, with the all-new Monsgeek M6 Alice keyboard kit!!

Monsgeek M6 ALice-1

Monsgeek M6 Alice keyboard kit is launched officially for 99.99$ for the standard variant and 109.99$ for the QMK variant. Check out more information here.

Monsgeek has designed the M6 Alice keyboard kit with the famous Alice layout. It is a split layout which is more ergonomic and comfier than a standard layout. With a split design between the keys, the hand movement is usually less resulting in a comfortable typing experience. With a soft-elastic gasket-mounted structure design, comfort is also increased. Keystrokes will be smoother in feedback and softer in acoustics with reduced resonance cavity reflections.

Monsgeek M6 ALice-2

Monsgeek has featured hot-swappable sockets on the M6 Alice keyboard kit. It supports both 3-pin and 5-pin mechanical switches making the keyboard kit compatible with most keyboards available in the market today. The Kit also has south-facing RGB LEDs producing a bright and vivid RGB backlight for the users. Not to mention, the Backlight can be easily customized with different built-in effects. The M6 Alice keyboard kit is available with QMK and VIA programming functions. Users can easily adjust and program different keys and functions on the keyboard with ease.

Monsgeek M6 ALice-3

Monsgeek M6 Alice keyboard kit allows for easy and comfortable typing once your keyboard is complete. It supports N-Key rollover that allows for full-key conflict-free typing. Every single key is registered perfectly with no ghosting issues. Monsgek M6 Alice keyboard kit is available in Three stunning colour options, Black, Silver, and Purple. It comes with a 2m long spring coiled Type-C connector cable. Monsgeek M6 Alice keyboard kit starts at just 99.99$ for the standard variant and 109.99$ for the QMK variant. You can check out more information here.

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