RoyalAxe A98 Three-Mode Mechanical Keyboard With TTC Violet Sunset Switches

RoyalAxe is a relatively new name in the PC Peripheral industry, but it has quickly gained a reputation for producing high-quality products at an affordable price. The brand is known for its mechanical keyboards, which are popular with gamers and enthusiasts alike. RoyalAxe keyboards are known for their durable construction, comfortable typing experience, and customizable features. Today, we are super excited to bring you their latest product, the RoyalAxe A98, a three-mode compact mechanical keyboard with all-new TTC Violet Sunset switches. With an elegant design, and premium PBT keycaps, the in-hand feel for the RoyalAxe A98 is simply amazing. The A98 is launched in two striking color options, Black & White, priced at $85.99, check out more details here.

RoyalAxe A98 Keyboard-1

In order to provide satisfying typing feedback, RoyalAxe has equipped the A98 keyboard with new-generation TTC Violet Sunset switches. They have a light trigger force(40gf, a short pre-travel of just 1.6mm, and a total key travel of 3.8mm. The TTC Violet Sunset switches offer a silky smooth typing feedback with a quick linear actuation type. For enthusiasts who love to explore, we also have exclusive hot-swappable sockets on the A98 supporting five-pin switches.

RoyalAxe A98 Keyboard-2

RoyalAxe A98 keyboard offers comfortable typing with its comfortable Gasket Structure Design. The keyboard houses multiple layers of pressure and sound-absorbing padding that absorbs the pressure asserted upon keystrokes and offers soft acoustics making it a breezy typing experience on the A98. Users can easily connect the RoyalAxe A98 keyboard to different sources as the keyboard supports convenient three-mode connectivity supporting wireless Bluetooth, wireless 2.4GHz, and wired USB Type-C connection modes.

RoyalAxe A98 Keyboard-3

With a streamlined 98-key arrangement, the RoyalAxe A98 keyboard offers a compact yet practical layout for its users. By simply eliminating the Home Key Cluster, RoyalAxe has made this keyboard smaller than a full-sized layout while retaining almost everything that’s required. It also has full-key conflict-free operation, allowing you to type easily without worrying much about ghosting or missing keystrokes. The keyboard adopts high-quality single-sided dye-sublimation PBT material keycaps. It also has colorful RGB backlight that has multiple lighting effects to choose from. It houses a 4000mAh large-capacity battery promising days of battery life even with the backlight turned on.

RoyalAxe A98 Keyboard-4

RoyalAxe A98 is an interesting keyboard. Firstly, the design and features are amazing to use it with different sources, secondly, the new-generation TTC Violet Sunset switches are amazing in terms of typing feedback. RoyalAxe A98 is available with us priced at $85.99 only, check out more details here.

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