TTC Releases Special Honey & Tiger Fully Transparent Artisan Keycaps

The first week of July on the Chinese calendar is all full of love and romance. The 7th of July is celebrated as Chinese Valentine’s day where people share gifts with their loved ones. On the eve of Chinese Valentine’s Day, TTC has released a specially designed artisan keycap set based on the theme of love, presenting the TTC Honey Artisan Keycaps. Since 2022 is the “Year of the Tiger”, TTC has also released a special Tiger-themed Artisan Keycap set. Both the keycaps come in a set of 5 pieces.

TTC Honey/Tiger-1

TTC Honey Keycaps are priced at 15.99$ while the TTC Tiger keycaps are priced at 19.99$.

TTC has designed the Honey/Tiger Artisan Keycaps with a crystal clear fresh look with a fully transparent design. The Honey Keycap features a beautiful heart engraved at the top and the Tiger keycaps have the face of a Tiger engraved at the top. Fingertips will touch the 3D-styled raised patterns(Heart and Tiger) on the keycaps.

TTC Honey/Tiger-2

With fully transparent build, they fully transmit the RGB or mono-colored lights from the keyboards. Using these beautiful artisan keycaps on your keyboard greatly enhances the looks of your keyboard. Through their transparent body, you can look a the proper mechanism of the mechanical switch upon each keypress. It looks like a treasure protected by the glass windows in a museum.

TTC Honey/Tiger-3 

Don't go on the beautiful and elegant transparent looks of these Beautiful Artisan Keycaps. TTC has personalized them using high-quality PBT material. They are highly durable with a robust tough build, high heat resistance, low friction coefficient, and low water absorption. The Honey/Tiger Keycaps offer a soft touch experience and have a non-slipping typing experience.

TTC Honey/Tiger-4

You must have seen single-colored, dual-toned, five-sided sublimed printed keycaps, but we assure you, the TTC Honey/Tiger keycaps bring a unique experience of their own. They look simply spectacular with their completely transparent look and 3D-raised design. They give a more personalized exquisite look to your favorite keyboard that will surely make it stand apart in the crowd.

TTC Honey/Tiger Artisan keycaps are available to purchase. Gift your loved ones, these beautiful keycaps and they are surely gonna treasure them on their Keyboards. Check out more information over here.

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