Cherry Acquires Xtrfy A Premium PC Peripheral Brand from Sweden!!

Cherry is one of the leading global brands that deal in premium PC peripherals including Mechanical Keyboards, Gaming Mice, Keycaps, Mechanical switches, and more. They actually are among the top mechanical switch manufacturers in the world. Cherry has a huge collection of highly-acclaimed successful products in different categories.

Today, Cherry has acquired another premium PC peripheral brand, the Xtrfy. Xtrfy is a Sweden-based gaming peripheral manufacturing brand specializing in gaming mice, keyboards, headsets, accessories, and more. Xtrfy products are sold worldwide in approximately 50+ countries.  They have a good following. People prefer their keyboard cases. They have expertise in designing professional-level PC peripherals specially designed for gamers. We have a huge range of products from Xtrfy, check it out here.

Cherry Xtrfy-1

With this acquisition, Cherry will expand its market into the Esports scene. They will be broadening their range and will be increasing their involvement with esports. For Xtrfy, this acquisitive by Cherry lays a new foundation for continued expansion into the professional market. Pretty sure Xtrfy will focus more on designing newer and improved products.

Xtrfy as a brand has always focused on delivering quality PC peripherals. With this acquisition between Cherry and Xtrfy, Both brands will continue to deliver high-quality products, pushing the boundaries with new and innovative products!!

We have always enjoyed their products, both the Xtrfy’s and Cherry’s. It would be really great to see what they design together!!

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