DAREU Announces Two New Mechanical Switches: DAREU Dream & DAREU Glowworm

DAREU is a very-famous PC peripheral brand that deals mainly in designer mechanical keyboards and mice. They have a huge catalog of products ranging across different price brackets and are very well-known in the community. Today, DAREU has released two new mechanical switches, the DAREU Dream switches, and the DAREU Glowworm switches!!


DAREU Dream is a linear switch that adopts a white PC material upper body. It has a purple-colored stem made up of POM material and a Nylon base. The Dream switch adopts a single-section long spring that gives the switches a quick rebound. Dream switches have a pre-travel trigger stroke of 2.0±0.4mm and a total travel of 4.0±0.4mm. It takes a light trigger force of about 40±10gf. The switches have a long durability of 50 million keystrokes. The operation of DAREU Dream switches is identical to Red-like switches.


DAREU Glowworm is a tactile switch with a fully transparent PC material top cover. It has a fluorescent green stem core made up of POM material and a Blue nylon bottom cover. It also uses a single-section long spring just like the Dream switches. The trigger stroke and total key travel is the same as Dream switches at 2.0±0.4mm and 4.0±0.4mm. The total trigger force for Glowworm switches is 45±10gf, and it has a tactile feel like brown switches. DAREU Glowworm switches have long durability of 50 million keystrokes.

Both the switches will be soon available worldwide, till then you can check out other offerings by DAREU here.

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