Cherry Announces New Generation "MX2A" Factory Lubricated Mechanical Switches!!

Cherry, a leading brand in the mechanical keyboard industry worldwide has released its new generation of mechanical switches, the Cherry MX2A. Based on the highly-acclaimed and widely used MX switches, the new MX2A switches bring a lot of new innovative functions such as quieter factory lubrication, new barrel structure spring design, fixed coronal structure, enhanced barrel column, etc. They state all these new updates bring a smoother and more comfortable typing experience with the MX 2A switches. Let’s know more about these amazing switches.

Cherry MX2A-1

High-Precision Factory Lubrication:-

The new Cherry MX2A mechanical switches come factory-lubed for smoother keystrokes. They have quieter lubrication on the axis column, spring, switch core, switch core feet, and other places. Cherry has used high-quality Krytox GPL 205 Grade 0 lubrication for reduced friction and suppressing sharp keystroke sound.

Cherry MX2A Switches-1

New Barrel Structure Spring:-

Cherry has adopted a new barrel-shaped spring for the MX2A switches. Different from the traditional cylindrical springs, the barrel structure enables there’s almost no contact between the coils during keystrokes. This makes keystrokes smoother in pressing and rebounding, reducing the scratch chances with the switch axis core and also providing improved consistency of the keystrokes.

Cherry MX2A Switches-2

Redesigned Core Top-Shape For Better Grip on Keycaps:-

Cherry MX2A switches have a coronal fixed structure on the axis core. A rib-like structure has been added to the top of the axis core, resembling a crown-like shape. It secures a firm grip on the keycaps and confines them to the center position avoiding any shaking or vibrations.

Cherry MX2A Switches-3

Enhanced Switch Core:-

Cherry has used an enhanced switch-axis core column. With a small and thick upper and lower conical design, the axis has reduced friction with the spring coil, which ensures smoother keystrokes.

Smoother Sliding Guides:-

Cherry MX2A switches have a bottom shell guide rail and an upper cover guide rail. They are treated with an upgraded polishing process to reduce the friction introduced on the switch core during keystrokes. This also helps in achieving comfortable typing feedback with smoother keystrokes and even smoother rebound.

Cherry MX2A Switches-5

Cherry MX Switches are widely used by many manufacturers worldwide. Now the MX2A switches are here to grab the limelight once again. With improved technologies that are implemented on the MX2A switches, Cherry promises smoother keystrokes with less friction and quick, smooth rebound. They will soon come up with a Cherry XTRFY K5S2 65% keyboard with the MX 2A switches as stock. Stay tuned with us for more information!!

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