TTC Launches New Sunset Violet & Customized Shark Mechanical Switches

TTC is a well-reputed brand in the mechanical keyboard market. The brand is known for its super-wide range of premium-quality mechanical switches that offer exciting typing feedback. Over the years, TTC has partnered with many different brands and developed so many amazing mechanical switches. Today, we are proudly launching two new mechanical switches that are going to be there on the TTC Lineup from now on, presenting the TTC Violet Sunset, and the TTC x Darmoshark Shark Switches. Let’s know both of these switches better.

TTC Violet Sunset-1

TTC Violet Sunset Switches:-

The Violet Sunset switches from TTC bring us quick and fast typing feedback with a solid rebound and a silky smooth linear actuation. TTC has designed the Violet Sunset switches with a beautiful Pink-Purple colour combination that looks adorable. We get a high-quality customized POM material switch core along with a transparent PC material top cover and POM material bottom cover. These come in sets of 10, 36, or 100 switches starting at just $7.55 for the 10-piece set.

TTC Violet Sunset-2

TTC Violet Sunset switches feature the brand’s self-developed Shrapnel structure that greatly reduces the shrapnel sounds and provides softer acoustics. With their self-lubricating POM material core and a 22mm long spring, the Violet Sunset switches offer extremely satisfying typing with a silky smooth trigger and a solid rebound. The switches have a short pre-travel of just 1.6mm and a total travel of 3.8mm. They have a rated durability of 80 million keystrokes.

For an enhanced RGB backlight experience, TTC has also featured a light column on the bottom cover. It not only passes through the RGB backlight but also enhances it with a brighter nature. TTC Violet Sunset switches with their solid typing feedback are an ideal choice for both gamers as well as office users. They start at just $7.55 for a set of 10 pieces, check out more details over here.

TTC x Darmoshark Customized Shark Switches:-

Darmoshark is a famous mechanical keyboard brand from China. TTC has partnered with Darmoshark and developed these all-new Customized Shark switches. Just like a Shark, these switches are fast and agile, They offer a lightning-fast trigger response with a short key travel of 1.2mm only. With an elongated core, the switch bottoms out in advance promising a comfortable typing experience. TTC x Darmoshark switches are specially designed for e-sports enthusiasts who require fast trigger response with comforting feedback. These start at the same price as the TTC Sunset Violet priced at just $7.55 for a set of 10 pieces. You can also grab these in sets of 36 and 100 pieces.

TTC x Darmoshark Shark Switches-1

The Shark Switches are designed with a quick trigger stroke of 1.2mm, allowing your fingertips to respond quickly during the game. Whether it is frequent operation or emergency stop reactions, the Shark switches can help you control it easily. The gentle 39gf trigger pressure and 20mm long spring design allow your fingers to easily swim on the keyboard with ultimate comfort. With TTC’s self-developed small shrapnel structure design that ensures reduced amplitude and shrapnel sound. By reducing the horizontal and vertical size of the shrapnel optimising sound and a factory-lubed design, the TTC Shark switches offer crispy typing with softer acoustics.

TTC x Darmoshark Shark Switches-2

TTC x Darmoshark Shark Switches have a solid build structure featuring a green-colored POM material core, Transparent PC material top-cover, 20mm long spring, and nylon material bottom cover. They offer an exciting trigger experience with solid rebound, making you feel every game you play. The TTC x Darmoshark Shark switches are available in sets of 10, 36, and 100 pieces starting at just $7.55 for the set of 10 pieces. Know more details here.

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