DURGOD S230 Low-Profile Dual-Mode Wireless 65% Compact Mechanical Keyboard

With advancements in technology, the Mechanical Keyboard Industry is also growing rapidly with new and innovative products being introduced almost on a daily basis. Low-profile keyboards are a thing in 2023, they are widely being developed and appreciated by users worldwide. Obviously, who doesn’t appreciate faster trigger response, shorter key travel, and the comfortable ergonomics of a low-profile keyboard design!! Today, we are bringing you a brand new ultra-compact low-profile keyboard from the house of DURGOD, presenting the all-new DURGOD S230. DURGOD is a famous mechanical keyboard and mouse brand from China. They have a huge catalogue of high-quality products that are widely appreciated by the users worldwide. DURGOD has introduced the latest S230 low-profile mechanical keyboard for just 109.99$. It is available in a bunch of colourful variants, you can check out more information over here.


In terms of build structure and design, DURGOD S230 is a very well-built keyboard. The keyboard has a unique air-cushion bubble design on the sides of the frame. A soft silicone layer with air-filled within protects the keyboard from accidental damage. The keyboard adopts a high-quality aluminum alloy dual-panel design. It has a premium finish to itself, the S230 has a delicate in-hand feel and a premium build structure. DURGOD has made it available in a variety of colour options, each of which looks vivid and lively.


DURGOD S230 is a compact 65% keyboard with a 67-key arrangement. With this ultra-compact layout packed with the low-profile design of the S230, we have a versatile keyboard that is suitable for every scenario and provides great portability as well. DURGOD S230 supports convenient dual-mode wireless connectivity. This includes multi-device Bluetooth and fast Wireless 2.4GHz connection options. Bluetooth mode enables easy connection with multiple devices with simultaneous switching between them.


DURGOD S230 provides comfortable typing feedback. With special customized low-profile mechanical switches, we get silky smooth movement with quick triggers and shorter key travel. The keyboard has no ghosting issues as it supports full-key conflict-free typing feature. DURGOD has featured unique sugar-cube-shaped chocolate keycaps. They have rounded edges and feel absolutely amazing to type on. With a large-capacity 2000mAh battery, DURGOD S230 provides an amazing battery life of up to 90 days with a single charge.

DURGOD S230 is an amazing keyboard loaded with advanced features. It’s an ideal one that fits different scenarios swiftly. Available for just 109.99$, grab the DURGODD S230 today and upgrade your setup!!

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