Cherry Collaborated with Luo Tianyi For Launching MX 3.0S TKL NBL Mechanical Keyboard

In an exciting collaboration between CHERRY China and Luo Tianyi, the highly anticipated Cherry MX 3.0S TKL NBL keyboard has been officially unveiled today. This innovative keyboard, now available for pre-sale on leading e-commerce platforms, is set to hit the market at 20:00 on April 28, offering a cutting-edge typing experience at a competitive price of 649 yuan.

Boasting dimensions of approximately 355/135/35mm, the Cherry MX 3.0S TKL NBL features the acclaimed MX2A brown switch, renowned for its tactile feedback and durability, with a staggering key life of 100 million presses. The keyboard utilizes a wired connection method, integrating a built-in NORDIC chip for seamless connectivity. With an 87-key layout supplemented by a distinctive "cherry key," users can expect optimal functionality and efficiency in their typing experience.

In terms of design, the Cherry MX 3.0S TKL NBL adopts a sleek, backlight-free aesthetic, accentuated by the vibrant color scheme inspired by the iconic Luo Tianyi IP. The keycaps, crafted from durable PBT material, offer resistance against wear and oil, ensuring longevity and maintaining a pristine appearance even after prolonged use. Moreover, the keyboard's construction utilizes a steel-free structure, enhancing its lightweight yet robust build. Notably, the body of the keyboard undergoes a meticulous CNC anodized aluminum one-piece molding process, exemplifying craftsmanship and precision engineering.

This collaboration between CHERRY China and Luo Tianyi signifies a convergence of expertise in keyboard technology, resulting in a product that combines superior performance, durability, and aesthetic appeal. As the Cherry MX 3.0S TKL NBL enters the market, enthusiasts and professionals alike can anticipate an elevated typing experience that transcends expectations.

For tech enthusiasts and keyboard aficionados, the Cherry MX 3.0S TKL NBL represents a pinnacle in keyboard innovation, setting new standards for quality and performance in the industry. With its imminent release, the stage is set for a new era of typing excellence, guided by the fusion of tradition and innovation embodied in this remarkable collaboration.

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