Weekly New Arrival Brief: Third Week of April

April Third week has brought us some amazing new arrivals. April so far has been quite solid with new releases including high-speed 8K gaming mice, designer mechanical keyboards, gaming headphones, and more. We are entering into the third week of April with some exciting new products including AKKO Gudetma 5108S SE keyboard, DELUX new flagship M900 Pro Gaming Mice, AKKO MU01 compact, designer keyboard, and many more. Today, We are going to showcase these amazing new products with some basic introduction about them. Let’s not waste anymore time and begin with the introduction.

Darmoshark M2: Premium Mg-Al Alloy Mouse With 4K Polling Rate!!

Price: $107.99.

This week, Darmoshark is here with a brand new 4K wireless gaming mice, the Darmoshark M2 DAREO 4K. With a solid Mg-Al build, the M2 boasts an ultra-lightweight design. It weight just 36 to 38 grams, making the M2 DAREO the lightest 4K mouse in the market today. Darmoshark has equipped the M2 with NORDIC 52840 chipset and PAW3395 optical sensor for accurate performance with 4K polling rate and 26000DPI maximum sensitivity support. Darmoshark M2 DAREO 4K mouse is an excellent choice for gamers who want precise accuracy with silky smooth tracking performance. We love the M2 DAREO, we believe you are going to love it as well!!

Darmoshark M2 DAREO 4K-1

DELUX M900 Pro: Flagship 8K Wireless Gaming Mouse!!

Price: $49.99.

DELUX introduced its latest flagship gaming mouse, the DELUX M900 Pro last week. This beautiful Mouse has all the whistles and blows for a flagship product that too at an affordable price tag. We have 8K wireless Polling rate support with nano receiver, asymmetrical ergonomic design, magnetic Dock with RGB lightning, PAW3395 flagship sensor, Huano Pink Dot Micro-movement switches, and a 63 grams ultra-lightweight design. The mouse has a matte-finished UV coating that is super premium to hold and feel. DELUX M900 has raised out expectations from gaming mice as it offers an excellent range of features at a pocket-friendly price tag!!

DELUX M900 Pro-1

Kinera Celest OGRYN: 7.1Ch Surround Over-Ear Gaming Headset!!

Price: $99.

Are you a gamer? Then this one is made perfectly for you, presenting the Kinera Celest OGRYN, a high-performance 7.1 Ch virtual surround over-ear gaming headset. The headset is made for gamers who need sound accuracy and enjoy their game to the fullest. It has a HD microphone built-in for your voice chats. Kinera Celest has designed the OGRYN with three operating modes, Gaming mode for accurate sound reproduction with boosted mid to high frequencies, HiFi music mode with balanced three-frequency response, and Movie mode professionally adjusted for deep bass, rich mid-frequencies, and detailed high frequencies. With a 50mm large diaphragm dynamic driver unit, and integrated gaming chipset, the Kinera Celest OGRYN elevates your gaming experience with excellent sound accuracy. Get yours today at a 10% introductory discount from the brand.

Kinera Celest OGRYN-1

NEWMEN GM560 Pro: 98% Keyboard With New-Gen Magnetic Switches!!

Price: $89.99.

Magnetic Switches are taking the gaming keyboard market to new heights with their adjustable keystroke, fast trigger response and outstanding durability. NEWMEN GM560 Pro is the latest 98% keyboard with a 100-key layout that comes equipped with new-gen magnetic switches. Experience the Rapid Trigger, Dynamic Keystroke functions, or simply play around with adjustable key trigger points as you like with the GM560 Pro. This amazing keyboard has wired connectivity with 8000Hz polling rate support. You also get a dynamic RGB backlight with musical rhythmic effects. NEWMEN GM560 Pro is one of our favourite new releases as we love exploring the possibilities with new Magnetic Switches. Get yours today!!


AJAZZ AC100: Aluminum Alloy Keyboard With Colorful LCD Display Screen!!

Price: Starts at $79.99.

Next up we have this amazing new 100-key 98% keyboard from the house of AJAZZ, the AJAZZ AC100. The keyboard promises comfortable typing with a gasket-mounted internal structure, PCB single-key slotted positioning board, five-layered internal padding, etc. It houses a colorful LCD TFT display screen that showcases basic functions like active connection mode, battery status, etc. as default and users can also customize it with animated Gifs and static images as well. As mentioned earlier, the AC100 houses magnetic switches that support rapid trigger, and dynamic keystroke functions, and the trigger point can also be adjusted with a precision of 0.1mm. It’s a complete package full of features for gamers who want unmatched performance. The AJAZZ AC100 is available in both wired as well as three-mode connection modes.


AKKO Gudetama 5108S SE: Designer 108-Key Full-Sized Keyboard!!

Price: $119.99.

AKKO is known for its outstanding design themes for its keyboards. The latest one is a collab project between AKKO and Gudetama for this stunning 108-key full-sized keyboard. It has wired USB Type-C connectivity, programmable RGB backlighting, high-quality PBT Dye-sublimation keycaps, and newly developed TTC Demon linear mechanical switches. The Keyboard has a superb design in a Yellow and White theme. The PBT material keycaps have an artistic look greatly enhancing the experience of the user as a unique themed keyboard. This will go perfectly with your yellow and white coloured theme setups.


AJAZZ AK870: Compact 87-Key TKL Keyboard With Hot-swappable Screen!!

Price: Starts $83.99.

AJAZZ also came up with a brand new 80% TKL keyboard with full-key hot-swappable sockets, the AJAZZ AK870. What’s interesting here is that you can also swap in a TFT display screen and a volume knob in place of the Print Screen, Scroll Lock, and Pause keys. This gives you two different layout options in a single keyboard, either use it as an 87-key or use it as an 84-key+knob and screen. The screen here is fully customizable, and can be customized with animated GIFs as well. The keyboard features a gasket-mounted structure design with five-layered internal filling, single-key slotted PCB, Dynamic RGB backlight, convenient three-mode connectivity, and many more advanced features. It comes equipped with high-quality POM material switches which makes typing easy and comfortable. AJAZZ AK870 is a brilliant keyboard that we personally love, and it is available in eye-catching colour options as well!!


AKKO MU01: Artistic Perfection!!

Price: Starts $112.99.

We are a big fan of artistic keyboards and AKKO has nailed it with its latest release in this regard, introducing the all-new AKKO MU01. The MU01 is a compact 65% keyboard with a Chinoiserie wooden chassis. The entire keyboard is compact yet beautiful and fully artistic. The AKKO MU01 is available in two different color options, one is the basic variant with TTC Demon linear switches while the other is a customized Artistic variant with designer novelty print Keycaps and AKKO customized Piano mechanical switches. The AKKO MU01 is among our favourite releases so far this year as the art and design experience of this one is phenomenal. Order the AKKO MU01 today and enter into the world of artistic keyboards!!


Final Words:-

April has packed a lot of surprises. These new arrivals are handpicked by professionals for their amazing performance and solid design. We are excited to bring all these products to your doorstep. Which one of the abovementioned products attracts you the most??

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