CHERRY Launches The First Inductive Analog Switches at Computex 2024

The Computex 2024 Taipei International Computer Show has seen a plethora of groundbreaking technological innovations, and this year, CHEERY has stolen the spotlight with the launch of a variety of innovative switches. Among the new releases, the MX Multipoint series stands out as a game-changer in the mechanical keyboard world, being the first to feature an inductive solution.

MX Multipoint: The Dawn of Inductive Analog Switches

CHEERY's MX Multipoint series is a significant leap in keyboard technology, introducing inductive analog switches to the market. Set to be officially launched in early 2025, these switches promise to redefine the typing and gaming experience with their advanced features and precise control.

The MX Multipoint series is available in three distinct models:

  • MX Multipoint Cyan (MXID-P1NA): This model features a progressive spring linear axis with an actuation force of 28.8cN and a bottom-out force of 73.7cN.
  • MX Multipoint Silver (MXID-51NA): Known for its linear axis, it has an actuation force of 32.2cN and a bottom-out force of 52.7cN.
  • MX Multipoint Black (MXID-11NA): This model offers a linear axis with an actuation force of 36.1cN and a bottom-out force of 70.5cN.

All MX Multipoint switches feature a 4mm key travel and support custom trigger travel, catering to the needs of both typists and gamers. Additionally, these switches boast a remarkable click life of over 200 million activations and come factory lubricated, ensuring a smooth and durable performance.

Collaborative Displays: Ducky and Amilo

At the Taipei Computer Show, attendees had the opportunity to experience the new MX Multipoint switches firsthand through keyboards from renowned brands Ducky and Amilo. These collaborations highlight the versatility and appeal of the MX Multipoint switches across different keyboard designs and user preferences.

Expanding the Mechanical Axis Range

Beyond the revolutionary MX Multipoint series, CHEERY has also expanded its traditional mechanical axis product line with several new releases:

MX Silent Clear

The MX Silent Clear (MX2A-J1NB) is a notable addition, developed in collaboration with Ducky. This silent key switch features a 1.9mm actuation travel and a 3.7mm total key travel, with an actuation force of 55cN. Equipped with the latest MX2A features and factory lubricated, the MX Silent Clear aims to deliver a quiet yet responsive typing experience.

MX Orange

Originally produced by Hirose Electric in Japan, the MX Orange (MX2A-LC3W) is now available to keyboard enthusiasts globally. It offers a 45cN actuation force, a 2mm actuation travel, and a 4mm total travel. Like the MX Silent Clear, it incorporates MX2A features and comes factory lubricated, promising consistent performance and longevity.

Second-Generation Low-Profile Switches: MX Low Profile 2.0

Cherry has also unveiled its second-generation low-profile switch products, under the model MX2B-XXXX. This new line includes:

  • Red Switches: Known for their smooth, linear feel.
  • Speed Silver Switches: Designed for faster actuation and responsiveness.
  • Ivory Switches: Tailored specifically for office environments, offering a balance of tactile feedback and noise reduction.
  • Clear Switches: Providing a tactile bump, catering to users who prefer a more pronounced keystroke.

Detailed specifications and additional information about the MX Low Profile 2.0 series are expected to be released in the coming months.

Looking Forward

The introduction of the MX Multipoint inductive analog switches marks a significant milestone for CHEERY, positioning the company at the forefront of keyboard innovation. With their advanced technology and collaborations with leading keyboard manufacturers, CHEERY is set to enhance the typing and gaming experiences for users worldwide.

As the Computex 2024 continues, the spotlight remains firmly on CHEERY’s new offerings, generating excitement and anticipation for their official release next year. Whether you are a gamer, a professional typist, or a keyboard enthusiast, the new range of switches promises to deliver superior performance and unparalleled customization options.

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