Keydous Launches NJ68-CP Three-Mode Magnetic Switch Gaming Keyboard

In the world of gaming keyboards, Magnetic Switches have become a serious thing now. Most of the gaming keyboard brands that used to feature Optical switches have now started featuring Magnetic switches in their new releases. Magnetic Switches provide full versatility allowing the users to easily adjust the output to one’s liking. Today, we are excited to launch a brand new three-mode gaming keyboard with new-generation Magnetic Switches, presenting the Keydous NJ68-CP. It is a compact 65% keyboard with a solid ABS material shell and OEM height PBT material keycaps. With new-gen magnetic switches, the NJ68-CP offers excellent typing feedback with a Rapid Trigger function and Adjustable Keystrokes as well. Keydous NJ68-CP is launched officially for $95.99, check out more details here.

Keydous NJ68-CP 1

At the heart of Keydous NJ68-CP, we have customized esports magnetic switches. As mentioned above, they offer excellent typing feedback with adjustable keystrokes and Rapid Trigger function. Users can adjust the trigger point on the switches between 0.2mm to 3.7mm range. They bottom out at 4.0mm. One can customize the dead zone on the switches, with the minimum setting at 0.2mm. The lower the dead zone, the faster the trigger response. Rapid Trigger is another key feature of the NJ68-CP. Once you set the trigger point at 0.2mm, it brings an instant trigger response as soon as you press the key. Once released, the trigger stops instantly again. This Rapid Trigger functionality is superb for esports competitive and other gaming genres where minute movement control matters a lot.

io provider comfortable typing feedback, Keydous has equipped the NJ68-CP keyboard with Brass material positioning plate and multi-layered sandwich internal padding. Keydous NJ68-CP keyboard supports versatile three-mode connectivity. The keyboard has full support for wireless Bluetooth, wireless 2.4GHz, and wired USB Type-C connection modes. It is compatible with different devices including MacOS, Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, etc. The NJ68-CP also features colorful RGB backlight easily programmable using the Keydous cloud driver software. Keydous has equipped the NJ68-CP keyboard with a large 3100mAh battery. It provides excellent backup of up to 220 hours(with backlight turned off).

Keydous NJ68-CP 2

Keydous NJ68-CP has an ultra-compact 65% layout. It is perfect for everyday carry and provides the perfect layout suitable for both entertainment as well as office use. Get yours today for just $95.99, available in two striking color options. Check out more information here.

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