Cherry MX Ultra-Low Profile Tactile Mechanical Switches Announced

Cherry is an established name in the mechanical keyboard industry. Their premium mechanical switches are used by many keyboard manufacturers today. Back in March 2021, Cherry introduced its low-profile switches, the Cherry MX ULP with an overall height of 3.5mm. ULP mechanical switches are the shortest mechanical switches to come out from Cherry. It brought several new features and became an ideal choice for low-profile mechanical keyboard users. It won the German innovation award and set a new patented standard for ultra-low-profile keyboards. Today, Cherry has released a brand new Tactile variant for the famous MX ULP switch with a silent non-audible click.

Cherry MX ULP Tactile-1

Cherry MX ULP Tactile switches will offer another option for low-profile and high-end laptop keyboard manufacturers. The switch is said to have a tactile, clicky feel upon actuation, but it doesn’t produce any audible clicky sound. Cherry MX ULP Tactile switches open up new possibilities for desktop keyboards that were previously not achievable. They allow the brands to deploy high-quality tactile switches in ultra-low designs.

Cherry MX ULP Tactile-2

Cherry MX ULP Tactile switches are similar to Cherry MX Brown switches. They abandon the distinctive clicky noise but show a tactile response upon triggering. Cherry MX Tactile ULP switches will meet the preference of users who like a clicky response without the sharp audible clicky sound. It will be suitable for both gamers as well as office enthusiasts who love the response of MX Brown switches.

Cherry MX ULP Tactile-3

Cherry MX ULP Tactile shares the same characteristics as the original ULP switches released last year. They have a total travel of 1.8 millimeters and the tactile actuation point at 0.8 millimeters. They share the same industry-leading technologies such as gold crosspoint technology, long-life mechanics, superior durability, consistent actuation quality, etc.

Cherry MX ULP Tactile-4

Cherry MX has designed the Ulta-Low Profile mechanical switches in a unique design respective to the RGB LEDs in any keyboard. With transparent polymer parts, proper RGB illumination is achieved. They work well with RGB and single-color backlit keyboards perfectly. Cherry MX Ultra-Low Profile tactile mechanical switches are designed by an experienced development team at Cherry headquarters in Germany. As a fan of Cherry MX switches, and a constant increase in low-profile keyboard demands, we are super excited for the latest Cherry MX ULP tactile switches!!


>Ultra-thin design.

>Low-profile keyboard switches.

>Brown switch like Tactile response with no audible click.

>1.8mm total travel.

>0.8mm Pre-travel.

>65cN operating force.

>Supports full backlighting.

>Ideal for ulta-thin mechanical keyboards.

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