Keychron Q6 Full-Sized Hot-Swappable Mechanical Keyboard With Multi-Function Knob

Keychron has come up with a brand new full-sized mechanical keyboard, the Keychron Q6. Designed with a full-metallic chassis and high-quality OSA profile PBT keycaps, the brand new Q6 has got a rich and exquisite finish. The keyboard delivers a high-end typing experience with its double-gasket design, multi-function knob, full-sized layout, and many more features. Keychron has launched the beautiful Q6 with pre-lubed Gateron G Pro mechanical switches available in Red, Blue, and Brown Shaft options. Q6 is made available in three striking color combinations, Carbon Black, Silver Grey, and Navy Blue. Keychron has always priced its keyboards attractively, and the latest Q6 is launched officially for 185$.

Keychron Q6-1

Keychron has crafted the Q6 using high-quality 6063 aluminum alloy. They have used several different techniques like high-precision CNC machining, polishing, anodising, sandblasting, etc. to achieve a finely textured finish on the chassis. Keychron Q6 undergoes many different manufacturing stages to become an exquisite keyboard. It uses a newly-designed double-gasket structure, for which Keychron has added silicone pads on the the top and bottom case with the regular gaskets on the plate. The double-gasket structure design effectively reduces the vibrations caused during the keystrokes. It also reduces the sound resonance between the metals and presents a soft, gentle sound upon each key press.

Keychron Q6-2

Q6 comes equipped with a new low-power MCU Arm core chip that provides a fast polling rate of up to 1000Hz. It enables fast trigger response with ultra-low latency, making the keyboard an ideal choice for gamers. Keychron has built a new profile for the Keycaps on Q6. They call it OSA profile, the height of the keycaps is OEM and they have a spherical angled top(SA profile). The keycaps are made up of high-quality double-shot PBT material which offers better durability and longevity.

Keychron Q6-3

Keychron Q6 supports both QMK and VIA key mapping softwares. Users can remap each and every single key on the keyboard using the VIA software. It also allows you to customise the multi-function knob to your desired command such as zoom in/zoom out, adjusting brightness, brush size, volume, etc. Q6 uses high-quality pre-lubed Gateron G Pro mechanical switches. The keyboard also offers full functionality with hot-swappable sockets on the PCB that allows the user to swap the mechanical switches easily. Other features on the Q6 includes bright RGB backlight with south-facing LEDs, brand-new screw-in stabilisers, ANSI & ISO Layouts, etc.

Keychron Q6-4

Q6 is a brilliant full-sized mechanical keyboard designed to make your day to day daily tasks easy and simple. The keyboard uses top-quality components to provide a rich and premium user experience. Keychron has launched the Q6 at an attractive price of just 185$.


>100% full-sized layout.

>QMK/VIA support.

>Stabilised operation with double gasket structure.

>Exquisite build with CNC machined aluminum body.

>Full-key hot-swappable design.

>Bright colourful backlight with south-facing RGB lights.

>OSA profile PBT keycaps.

>Pre-lubed Gateron G Pro mechanical switches.

>All-new screw-in stabilisers.

>Programmable multi-function knob.

>Macro definition.

>Available in both ANSI & ISO layouts.

>Ultra-fast, lag-free response with 1000Hz polling rate.

>Support macOS and Windows.

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