CIDOOO V65 Ultra-Compact 65% Gasket Mounted All-Aluminum Chassis Dual-Mode Mechanical Keyboard

We are bringing you an all-new ultra-compact 65% mechanical keyboard today, the CIDOOO V65. It’s a premium keyboard that features CNC-machined all-aluminum alloy chassis available in two different color options, White & Grey. The keyboard adopts a 65% compact structure with 64-keys and a multi-function volume knob in the layout. CIDOOO has designed the V65 with a sound-absorbing multi-layered gasket-mounted structure design. It has dual-mode(wireless Bluetooth/Wired USB Type-C) connectivity for easy connection with a wide range of devices. CIDOOO V65 brings you a neatly designed ultra-compact keyboard that fills your desktop with advanced features.


V65 has been launched officially for 125.99$, refer here for more information.

CIDOOO V65 has got premium-finished CNC machined aluminum alloy outer shell structure. This not only gives the keyboard a solid base but also treats the users with a premium build. Users can choose between White or Grey outer shell options. The keyboard features dye-sublimed PBT keycaps which are great to touch and offer better durability with oil and wear resistance. They use high-quality Frosted Grey linear mechanical switches. These switches offer a super smooth typing experience to the users with their self-lubricating POM material shaft core. The keyboard also has hot-swappable sockets for easy replacement of the switches without the need for any kind of soldering or desoldering. It is designed using gasket mounted structure design featuring multiple layers of sound-absorbing Poron layers, a high-quality PC positioning plate, etc. All this contributes to achieving soft and smooth typing with the V65 keyboard.


CIDOOO V65 keyboard features a full-key RGB backlight with south-facing RGB LEDs under each key. South-facing LEDs create a bright RGB effect towards the user creating an immersive atmosphere with its bright multicolor backlight. Users can choose between multiple pre-built lighting effects on the keyboard. V65 offers you smooth, lag-free typing with its full-key conflict-free operation. It supports dual-mode connectivity featuring wireless Bluetooth and Wired USB Type-C connectivity. Users can connect the V65 to three devices simultaneously and support quick switching between them. It supports both Windows and Mac systems along with Android and iOS devices. CIDOOO has equipped the V65 with a large 3000mAh battery that provides an extended battery life for the users.


CIDOOO V65 is a highly-versatile 65% ultra-compact mechanical keyboard that comes loaded with multiple latest-generation features. It can serve as a premium keyboard for both gamers as well as blog writers. The official launch price of the CIDOOO V65 is set at 125.99$, know more details here.

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