DAREU A98 Pro 98% Three-Mode RGB Mechanical Keyboard With Elastic Arm Gasket Mounted Structure Design

DAREU has a huge collection of premium mechanical keyboards with designer looks and advanced features. They have added a brand new addition to their ever-growing collection of premium mechanical keyboards, the all-new DAREU A98 Pro. It’s a Pro version of the successful A98 keyboard that houses a new TFT colorful display, supports three-mode wireless connectivity, has Elastic Arm Gasket mounted structure design and many more advanced features that ease your experience and keep you updated with all the latest tech in the industry. So what are you waiting for? Grab the A98 Pro for yourself today!!

DAREU A98 Pro-1

DAREU A98 Pro is launched officially for 179.99$, you can check out more information here.

A98 Pro is a 97-key 98% mechanical keyboard. It has an elastic gasket-mounted structure which paired with a silicone padded structure offers an easy and smooth typing experience for the users. The keyboard adopts the latest generation custom mechanical switches including the all-new Sky V4 switches. It has hot-swappable sockets for easy replacement. DAREU has featured three-mode connectivity on the keyboard for easy connectivity with a variety of devices and sources. This includes high-speed wireless 2.4GHz, multi-device wireless Bluetooth, and Wired USB Type-C connectivity. The A98 Pro keyboard features a bright TFT display that can be configured to display different animations and create a unique experience for the users.

DAREU A98 Pro-2

A98 Pro keyboard supports finely-adjustable stabilizers and uses high-quality injection-molded PBT material keycaps for an ergonomic design and comfortable typing. The keyboard supports RGB backlighting with multiple pre-built lightning effects. It also supports Musical Rhythmic effects for an immersive experience. The A98 Pro keyboard is a high-end feature-rich keyboard that brings all the features you might expect from a top-tier product. Check out more information on the A98 Pro Over here.

DAREU A98 Pro-3

DAREU has also released an EC switch variant for the A98(basic single-mode model without Elastic Gasket Mounted Structure), which you can check over here.

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