Lofree Launches All-New 1% MORU 68-Key Compact Dual-Mode Transparent Mechanical Keyboard

Lofree has released a brand new variant to its amazing 1% mechanical keyboard, meet the all-new Lofree 1% MORU. With the same 68-key 65% ultra-compact form factor, the new 1% MORU brings us a new look and feel. While the 1% original model is known for its completely transparent look and design, the new 1% MORU has got unique Changhong style pattern on semi-transparent keycaps. With the elegant white backlight, the keyboard looks absolutely stunning!!

Lofree 1% MORU Keyboard-1

Lofree 1% MORU keyboard is priced at 239.99$, you can check out more details here.

The 1% MORU keyboard brings a fresh breath of air to the already stunning 1% series of keyboards by Lofree. The keycaps have the comfortable ergonomic patented shape as the OG model. They now have a Changhong-styled pattern finish. The keycaps have horizontal lines matching the Changhong style patterns for a stunning look. Lofree has also embedded a beautiful tree image in the spacebar that connects the keyboard to the beauty of life!!(tree spacebar need to buy separately)

Lofree 1% MORU Keyboard-2

Lofree 1% MORU keyboard has got three-layered sound and shock-absorbing padding to ensure comfortable typing for the users. The keyboard has PORON material sandwich cotton between the plates, a shock-absorbing IPXE foam layer padding underneath the PCB sockets, and a high-quality rubber material bottom case padding. This three-layered padded design fills the empty cavity space in the keyboard and promises silent and comfortable typing with an elastic feel.

Lofree 1% MORU Keyboard-3

Lofree 1% MORU keyboard supports dual-mode connectivity featuring Wireless Bluetooth V5.1 and wired Type-C connectivity. The keyboard supports an elegant white color backlight and has seven different pre-built effects. It adopts high-quality MX-Styled Kailh Jelly Fish switches for silky smooth linear actuation. It also has hot-swappable sockets that will allow the user to change the switches easily.

Lofree 1% MORU keyboard looks and feels absolutely stunning with its brand new Changhong style look. It offers improved typing with a three-layered shock-sound absorbing padded design. The 1% Moru keyboard is priced at 239.99$, check out more information here.

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