CoolKiller Releases CK75 Pixel Fairytale 75% Three-Mode Hot-Swappable Mechanical Keyboard

CoolKiller has released a brand new variant for its classic CK75 mechanical keyboard, presenting the all-new CoolKiller CK75 Pixel Fairytale. As you might have guessed from the name, it features a new fairy designer theme for its keycaps. CoolKiller has equipped it with its latest-developed Lilac mechanical switches. Built-in silicone-padded and gasket-mounted structure design ensure you get a super smooth typing experience and soft keystroke sounds. CK75 Pixel Fairytale with its 75% compact layout brings you a new experience with a compact, clean layout. Create your fairy setup with the all-new CK75 Pixel Fairytale.

CoolKiller CK75 Pixel Fairytale-1

CoolKiller CK75 Pixel FairyTale is priced at 169.99$, you can check more information here.

With its three-mode connectivity, the CK75 Pixel Fairytale keyboard provides you with easy and versatile connectivity with a wide range of devices. It supports high-speed wireless 2.4GHz connections, multi-device connections with Wireless Bluetooth connectivity, and Wired connectivity with a detachable USB Type-C cable. The CK75 Pixel Fairytale supports easy switching between Mac and Windows systems. It also houses a magnetic compartment for the safekeeping of the 2.4GHz receiver.

CoolKiller CK75 Pixel Fairytale-2

Design is what makes the CK75 Pixel Fairytale stand out in the crowd. The keyboard brings you stunning fairy-inspired designer keycaps which are made in pudding style with crystal-like transparent sides. It has a combination of two-tone Purple colors for its theme. Full-Key RGB backlight paired with fully transparent sides brings you a dynamic backlight experience.

CoolKiller CK75 Pixel Fairytale-3

CoolKiller has equipped the CK75 Pixel Fairytale with its newly-developed Lilac mechanical switches. They offer a smooth, linear actuation with upgraded feedback. It also has full-key hot-swappable sockets for easy replacement of switches whenever required. With a large 3750mAh built-in battery, the CK75 Pixel Fairytale treats you with extended battery life as well.

CoolKiller CK75 Pixel Fairytale keyboard is launched officially for 169.99$, you can refer here for more information.

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