Corsair Announces New K70 Pro MAX Gaming Mechanical Keyboard & HS80 Max Gaming Headset

Corsair needs no introduction in the PC peripheral industry. For the past many years, Corsair has been a leader in high-performance equipment especially dealing in mechanical keyboards, gaming mice, gaming headsets, and many hardware components as well. Today, Corsair has released two brand new products, the K70 Pro Max RGB Gaming Mechanical Keyboard with their newly developed Mechanical Axis Body mechanical switches, and HS80 MAX Gaming Headset.

Corsair K70 Pro Max-1

Corsair K70 MAX gaming keyboard, the main attraction of this announcement is the new Corsair MGX Magnetic Axle Switches. These can be customized with independent actuation distance setting for each key. The adjustment can be as precise as 0.1mm and can be adjusted between 0.4mm to 3.6mm. The MGX switches also introduce dual-contact triggering. It allows the keys to be triggered in a single press without waiting for the rebound enabling faster trigger response and quick actions with a single operation. In addition, the Corsair MGX switches also support Rapid Trigger mode. It unlocks key-by-key ultra-sensitive triggering. Users will experience a competitive edge in competitive FPS and other fast-paced gaming titles. In this Rapid Trigger mode, keys reset immediately when lifted.Corsair K70 Pro Max-2

Corsair K70 Pro MAX brings the users complete freedom to adjust the entire experience with the keyboard. Every single key can be adjusted using the iCue software integration. Talking about its design, it packs the complete layout as the K70 Pro model. The build quality of the keyboard is simply top-notch and you get every function that you get from an advanced keyboard such as RGB backlight, two-layered shock-absorbing internal structure, memory foam palm rest, etc. Corsair K70 Pro Max is a keyboard to look ahead for if you want a benefitting edge against your enemies in the game!!

Corsair K70 Pro Max-3

The second launch, the HS80 MAX is a gaming headset with superior audio quality performance. It has a versatile three-mode connectivity function that supports the latest Bluetooth, ultra-fast 2.4GHz wireless, and Wired USB Connection options. The other key features of the HS80 MAX gaming headset include a premium-quality omnidirectional microphone, ultra-comfortable floating headbands, and aluminium-reinforced construction. This headset also has a full immersive gaming experience with its deep Dolby Atmos and Spatial Audio integration on PC and MAC devices.

Corsair with the latest K70 Pro Max keyboard and the HS80 Max headset, both make the perfect combo for a gaming setup. The K70 Pro Max brings your fast trigger response, and quick and smooth keystrokes, the best part is that you can even customize the trigger distance for your keystrokes now. Not to mention the HS80 Max makes you notice every minute movement in the game with its deep and immersive sound presentation!! The price and release information in the international market will be released shortly for both products. Upgrade your gaming setup with the all-amazing updated products from Corsair!!

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