SUBOR X75 Retro Compact 75% Three-Mode RGB Mechanical Keyboard With Built-in Storage Compartment

In the mechanical keyboard industry, a 75% Compact form factor is widely used. Combining the compact design with optimal functionality makes the 75% layout an optimum choice for most use scenarios. Today, we are proudly launching a brand-new compact 75% mechanical keyboard, introducing the SUBOR X75. The SUBOR X75 is well-built and loaded with advanced features such as a dedicated compartment for smartphones and tablets, inclined function row keys, hot-swappable sockets, full-colour RGB backlight, etc. All these features enhance the user’s experience and provide an easy-to-use and comfortable typing experience with the SUBOR X75.


SUBOR X75 keyboard is launched officially for 99.99$, know more details here.

SUBOR X75 mechanical keyboard has an eye-catchy retro design theme. The legends are bold and have a crisp definition on the keyboard. It looks spectacular. The X75 adopts high-quality PBT material keycaps and features a red-white colour theme which is again eye-catchy in its appearance. The keyboard is very well-built. It has a storage compartment right above the function row keys. This compartment has a protective magnetic cover that protects the keyboard from dust build-up issues. It will allow the users to easily store their smartphones, and tablets when using the keyboard, or just when enjoying some media. This compartment space also holds up the 2.4GHz receiver.


SUBOR X75 mechanical keyboard has an ergonomic form factor that contributes in achieving comfortable typing feedback with the keyboard. We have slightly inclined function row keys and the compartment bracket area that makes them easy to access and comfortable to use. SUBOR X75 keyboard has a compact 75% layout. It’s the perfect setup for different scenarios, whether you need a keyboard for gaming or a compact one for office, the X75 fits both the bills. It has an independent volume knob that allows for easy adjustment of volume level.


Subor has equipped the X75 keyboard with customized mechanical switches. They offer fast and smooth typing feedback. With hot-swappable sockets, users can also replace the switches whenever required. It has a full-key conflict-free typing function that allows for easy and comfortable typing with no ghosting issues The X75 has a dynamic RGB backlight as well. The keyboard features a full-colour 16.8 million RGB backlight with multiple adjustable effects and brightness levels. SUBOR X75 keyboard has a convenient three-mode connectivity function. It supports the latest Bluetooth, wireless 2.4GHz, and USB Wired connections. The X75 can be connected to a variety of sources ranging from smartphones to tablets, PCs, Laptops, etc. It has dual-system support supporting both Windows and Mac devices.


SUBOR X75 seems to be an interesting keyboard. It has a red-white theme design with a built-in storage compartment for tablets and smartphones. The X75 is the perfect choice for everyday usage!! Priced at just 99.99$, the SUBOR X75 is definitely worth considering as your next compact TKL keyboard.

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