Corsair K70 Core RGB Mechanical Keyboard With Red Linear Switches

Corsair is a reputed name in the PC Peripheral industry. The brand is known for its premium-quality hardware components as well as peripherals. They cater to gamers with their huge range of gaming mechanical keyboards, gaming mice, gaming headsets, etc. Today, Corsair has come up with a brand new premium full-sized gaming keyboard, presenting the all-amazing Corsair K70 Core. The Corsair K70 series of keyboards are famous worldwide for their outstanding quality and features. These gaming mechanical keyboards are specially crafted with advanced functions and features making the experience an amazing one for the users. The latest Corsair K70 Core is launched officially for $129.99, you can check out more functions and features over here.

Corsair K70 Core-1

Corsair K70 Core keyboard has a full-sized layout with a multimedia customizable knob and a multi-function multimedia key. The multi-function knob by default supports volume adjustment and media playback play/pause functions. It can be customized with different functions using the Corsair iCue software. The multimedia key allows for different functions in combination with the Fn key. Corsair has bundled the K70 Pro with the brand’s self-developed Linear Red mechanical switches. They offer smooth typing feedback, Corsair has equipped them in a pre-lubricated state for smoother operation, quicker rebound, and overall velvety typing feedback. These have light trigger force and a long durability rating of up to 70 million keystrokes.

Corsair K70 Core-2

Corsair K70 Core keyboard has dual-layered sound and shock-absorbing design. It absorbs the pressure asserted and also helps in effectively reducing the resonance cavity sound by filling the empty spaces inside the keyboard cavity structure. The keyboard also has a dynamic RGB backlight that supports different lighting effects customizable via the iCue driver software. With their years of expertise in designing high-quality premium mechanical keyboards, Corsair has treated the K70 Core with an exquisite finish. The keyboard features premium ABS keycaps crafted using a dual-tone injection-molding process. It also has an aluminum alloy top cover for an added premium finish.


Corsair K70 Core keyboard supports different advanced features such as N-Key Rollover, Full-Key Conflict-Free Typing, Macro programming, etc. They make the K70 Core an ideal choice for everyday use. The latest Corsair K70 Core is not just a gaming keyboard, it is a complete multimedia keyboard that fits perfectly into any system.

Corsair K70 Core-3

Corsair K70 Core is launched officially with Pre-Lubricated Red Linear mechanical switches priced attractively at 129.99$. Check out more details and features of the Corsair K70 Core Keyboard here.

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