KeysMe Lunar02 Three-Mode Numeric Keypad

KeysMe has launched a brand new three-mode Numeric Keypad, introducing the amazing KeysMe Lunar02. It is a specially designed three-mode versatile numeric keypad based on Lunar Space theme design. With a 21-key arrangement, built-in interactive display screen, programmable knob, built-in lamp light, and many more features, the Lunar02 provides an excellent in-hand user experience. KeysMe Lunar02 is available in multiple finishes in both Only Kit and fully built variants with keycaps and switches. If you are an enthusiast who loves exploring unlimited possibilities with their keyboards, the KeysMe Lunar02 is a fantastic Numpad that would suit most users. It starts at $92.99 for kit only and goes as high as $124.99 for the complete package.

KeysMe Lunar02-1

KeysMe has followed a beautiful customized space-related design for the Lunar02. it looks and feels super amazing. Users can also add additional Space Rocket Fidget Spinners that are available separately as side accessories for the numeric pad. It adopts a soft elastic gasket structure where users can easily replace the gasket material as well to customize their experience. The Lunar02 Numpad also has a multi-layered sound-absorbing design that makes the typing experience even better.

KeysMe Lunar02-2

KeysMe has featured an interactive display screen on the Lunar02. It shows different active settings such as connection mode, battery level, time, etc. We also have programmable knobs and a built-in light lamp. This light lamp has a one-touch simple on/off function. Users can use this lamp to illuminate the keyboard in dark conditions. The lamp is flexible allowing for easy adjustment for different angles. KeysMe Lunar02 Numpad also features a USB extension slot that can be used when the keyboard is being used in Wired connection mode. It actually supports versatile three-mode connection options featuring wireless Bluetooth V5.3, wireless 2.4GHz, and Wired USB Type-C connection options. The Lunar02 Numpad has seamless switching support between different connected devices.

KeysMe Lunar02-3

Another key attraction of the Lunar02 Numpad is a unique five-way joystick that can help the user control the mouse on the connected source device. While up, down, right, left movements allow for mouse cursor movement, a simple press acts as a left-click operation. KeysMe Lunar02 Numpad has a full-key hot-swappable design. It supports Gateron 5-pin sockets where users can easily replace the switches whenever required. The Lunar02 in its stock form can be bought with a variety of switch options including Gateron’s latest Baby Kangaroo 2.0, G Pro Silver 3.0, etc. It features south-facing RGB LEDs that provide bright, vivid backlight with multiple effects. Different settings can be customized using the KeysMe Driver Software.

KeysMe Lunar02 NumPad is a fantastic keyboard that will surely attract keyboard enthusiasts. It is designed with advanced functions and features that make it an attractive choice for both casual as well as regular users. The Lunar02 Numpad starts at just $92.99, check out further details here.

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