HelloGanss XS 75T Compact Three-Mode Keyboard With LCD Display & Customizable Five-Way Joystick

HelloGanss is a known name in the PC Peripheral industry. The brand is known for its range of high-quality mechanical keyboards that come equipped with the latest-generation features. Today, HelloGanss has come up with a brand new three-mode mechanical keyboard featuring some really advanced features, presenting the all-new HelloGanss XS 75T. The XS 75T features some of the latest features in the keyboard market including hot-swappable sockets, RGB musical backlighting, a colorful LCD display, a five-way joystick, and many more. It is launched at an attractive price of just 79.99$, feel free to check out more details here.

Hello Ganss XS 75T-1

HelloGanss has featured a soft-elastic gasket-mounted structure design along with multi-layered padding consisting of IXPE Undershaft padding, Poron soft silicone padding, silicone bottom padding, etc. This helps in getting super comfortable typing feedback on the keyboard. Every single keystroke goes smoothly and leaves satisfying feedback for the users. The keyboard itself has a compact 75% layout which is ideal for every scenario be it gaming, be it an office setup, or be it an entertainment media system setup, The HelloGanss XS 75T will fit them all.

Hello Ganss XS 75T-2

HelloGanss XS 75T features a flippable LCD colorful display screen. This screen showcases active settings on the keyboard such as active connection mode, battery life, Win/Mac system, Date, Time, Num Lock-Caps Lock status, and more. The screen can be adjusted at various angles suiting the users. The keyboard also has a five-way joystick that allows easy access to various functions such as volume, backlight adjustments, and more. This joystick can be customized using the driver software, it can’t be used for mouse navigation.

Hello Ganss XS 75T-3

HelloGanss has also featured a multimedia volume knob on the keyboard for easy volume adjustment on the go. It is hot-swappable and can be replaced easily as well. Every single key can be easily programmed using the driver software as well. The XS 75T features a removable battery design. it comes equipped with a rechargable 3750mAh battery that provides the keyboard with an incredible battery life. HelloGanss has included a bright and vivid RGB Backlight on the XS 75T that supports multiple lightning effects including musical rhythmic effects.

The XS 75T is a fantastic keyboard that comes loaded with high-quality dual-tone PBT keycaps. The keyboard has a full-key hot-swappable design allowing the users to easily replace the switches as per their preferences. By default, it comes with a variety of custom-developed mechanical switches to choose from at the time of purchasing. The HelloGanss XS 75T is a highly-equipped keyboard. It features some really solid features such as a flippable LCD display screen, five-way joystick, volume knob, RGB Backlight, hot-swappable sockets, and much more. At just 79.99$, it’s a steal deal for the amazing HelloGanss XS 75T!!

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