Corsair x The Adventures Of JoJo: Jotaro Edition New Designer Products Revealed

Back in July 2022, Corsair collaborated with “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure”, a famous Manga series. They have released a custom-themed collection of products including the K70 RGB TKL Keyboard, M65 RGB Ultra Gaming Mice, and a Mousemat as well. The custom theme was obviously based on “The Adventures of Jojo” design series. It was received well by the fans, they appreciated the beautiful design paired with Corsair’s trusted product quality. Today with the official broadcast of the third part of the anime series, “The Adventures of Jojo: Sea of Stone”, Corsair has released the second installment in the JoJo collaborative series. They have named it “Jotaro Edition”. In this new Jotaro edition, Corsair has released a new design theme for the K70 RGB TKL keyboard, M65 RGB Ultra mouse, and a waterproof gaming mouse pad.

Corsair x Jojo Jotaro Edition-1

Corsair x JoJo K70 RGB TKL Gaming Keyboard: Jotaro Edition:

The latest Jotaro edition of the K70 RGB TKL keyboard features a purple color theme design. Purple is the color of the White Gold Star, Jotaro Kujo’s stand-in. The keyboard features “Jotaro character” color patterns on the keycaps. It looks elegant and unique. We also have an image of “Jotaro” printed across the Enter Key, and Backspace key region. The main title on the keyboard reads “Stone Ocean” at the top. The designer has also implemented fan-exclusive “easter eggs” on the keyboard.

Corsair x Jojo Jotaro Edition-2

Corsair K70 RGB TKL is an award-winning keyboard. For the latest Jotaro Edition, the K70 RGB TKL adopts a lightweight design with a space-saving 87-key TKL layout. It supports high-speed gaming mode. It will be available with high-speed Cherry Max mechanical switches. The K70 Jotaro Edition featured dedicated multimedia keys and a multimedia scroll wheel. It is completely compatible with Windows and Mac OS operating systems. It is compatible with Corsair’s iCue driver software for RGB adjustment, macro definitions, and other functions.

Corsair x Jojo Jotaro Edition-3

Corsair x JoJo M65 RGB Ultra Gaming Mouse: Jotaro Edition:-

Along with the K70 RGB TKL keyboard, the JoJo Jotaro Edition series also includes the M65 RGB Ultra gaming mouse. It also featured a purple-color theme design. It comes equipped with Corsair’s marksman 26000 DPI high-speed optical sensor as well as native 26,000 DPI and 650 IPS fast tracking speeds. The mouse is ultra-precise and accurately captures your every movement. The M65 Ultra RGB gaming mouse also has a built-in six-axis-gyroscopic center. It adopts high-speed optical-micro switches for quick trigger a d sensitive fast-response.

Corsair x JoJo Jotaro Edition Mouse Pad:-

Corsair has officially revealed a special Jotaro-themed waterproof mousepad that features a beautiful image of Jotaro Kujo and his stand-in Platinum star characters. This is a high-quality waterproof mouse pad based on the MM350 Pro mouse pad. It’s an iconic mouse pad that will definitely be a fan favorite from the series.

Corsair x Jojo Jotaro Edition-4

Corsair x JoJo Jotaro Edition is another breakthrough in Corsair’s high-end esports and aesthetic exploration. They have released three of their top products as a part of the series. We are pretty sure it will be a happy companion for your desktop setups!! These will be soon released in the international market.

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