DAREU Announces A81 Latest 75% Mechanical Keyboard With Elastic Gasket Structure & No Positioning Plate

DAREU is a well-recognized PC peripheral brand from China. They have a huge catalog of mechanical keyboards, mice, and other pc peripherals that are widely appreciated by users all around the globe. DAREU has always listened to the requests and voices of the users. Today, They have released a brand new 75% compact mechanical keyboard, the DAREU A81. DAREU A81 innovates the mechanical keyboard industry with their brand new Elastic Arm Gasket Structure and No Positioning Plate. Yes, you read that right, the A81 has no positioning plate.

DAREU A81 Mechanical Keyboard-1

DAREU has designed the all-new A81 to provide the users with pure keystroke feedback, and pure keystroke sound, returning to a simple approach for the keyboards. The keyboard features a silicone sleeve at both ends of the elastic arm and is designed with special bumps in order to achieve soft contact fixation between the PCB and the shell. The positioning plate is removed in order to further enhance the elasticity of the gasket structure on the keyboard. DAREU A81 has got slotted design on the PCB that improves the consistency of the keystrokes and sound.

DAREU A81 Mechanical Keyboard-2

DAREU has also improved on the traditional Silicone filling method under the PCB. They have used large pieces of silicone that make the keystrokes more stable and eliminate the cavity sound while supporting and limiting the entire inner tank. A81 also has a sound-absorbing moron cotton layer which further eliminates the cavity sound.

DAREU A81 Mechanical Keyboard-3

DAREU A81 keyboard comes equipped with new and upgraded satellite stabilizers. They give high accuracy and a smooth typing feel with the keyboard. The large keys like Space Bar, Shift, Enter, etc are always stable and provide a smooth typing experience.

DAREU A81 Mechanical Keyboard-4

DAREU A81 has a 75% compact form factor with an 81-key arrangement. It comes with Purple gold Pro mechanical switches. DAREU A81 is actually an innovative new product that completely removes the Positioning Plate from the Internal Structure. It will be soon available with us, till then you can check out more products from DAREU here.

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