HyperX Launches ProCast Professional Condenser Microphone With Gold-Plated Diaphragm Capacitors

HyperX has one of the widest collections of PC gaming peripherals that include mechanical keyboards, mice, and microphones. Today, HyperX has introduced a brand-new professional microphone with built-in gold-plated diaphragm capacitors, meet the all-new HyperX ProCast. It is a professional-grade condenser microphone with an XLR interface, cardioid pickup mode, and built-in gold-plated large diaphragm capacitors, that help it to achieve high-quality radio effects. It is designed for professional usage for content creators, anchors, etc.

HyperX ProCast-1

Mr. Gao Haiming, the senior director of Business Marketing for Hyperx said, “In Recent Years, HyperX has continued to expand its product line up with high-quality gaming peripherals. The latest HyperX ProCast is HyperX’s first XLR microphone that captures your voice with its natural tone and clarity.” ProCast has been designed with a professional team of engineers that wanted to bring great sound and a greater variety of options to professional studios and individual users with an XLR interface and built-in gold-plated large diaphragm capacitors.

The Gold-Plated large Diaphragm Capacitors on the ProCast capture more sound details and feature a more utilized cardioid pickup mode. It is also equipped with a switchable -10dB PAD switch capable of handling large decibel sound sources. It also features an 80Hz high-pass filter that can effectively reduce a variety of useless low-side frequencies.

With the HyperX ProCast upgrade your studio with a precise high-quality microphone. It is equipped with a built-in shockproof bracket to effectively reduce vibration noises. In addition, the microphone comes with a detachable HyperX Shield Metal Pop Filter which effectively reduces various noises and pop sounds bringing a clearer sound recording capability to your studio. HyperX will showcase the ProCast at TwitchCon, San Diego, USA on October 7-9!!

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