CharaChorder Lite: Type Entire Words With A Single Input With This Latest Keyboard

Today we bring you news related to a rather unique mechanical keyboard, the Chara Chorder Lite. At a short glance, this will look like any other keyboard in the market with a slightly readjusted 65% form factor. Instead of a long spacebar, the Chara Chorder Lite has got two smaller ones. But this is not the feature that makes the Chara Chorder Lite stand out in the market. The feature that makes it stand out from a traditional keyboard is its ability to input multiple keys at the same time. It also supports chorded entry, where each key can input an entire word or phrase. This allows the users to type much faster than a traditional keyboard.

CharaChorder Lite-1

For example, While typing any word like NAME, we need to type four characters one by one(’N’, ‘A’, ‘M’, ‘E’) on any keyboard. But with the Chara Chorder lite, we can type all the four characters at once N+A+M+E and it will input the word “Name” at once. The brand followed up with some buyers of the keyboard who measured their typing speed as high as 250+ words per minute with the Chara Chorder Lite. With its lightning-fast typing speed, Users can complete their work, and write their blogs in a quicker and easier way!!

As for aesthetics, the Chara Chorder Lite keyboard has got a full-backlit design with mechanical switches. The keycaps here have got a pudding style design showcasing the backlight elements of the keyboard in their full glory. The Chara Chorder Light redefines the way we work and allows us to quickly type and complete our work in a quicker manner. Chara Chorder Lite is currently available on pre-order with the brand at an introductory price of 199.99$.

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