UGREEN KU101: Latest Low-Profile RGB Mechanical Keyboard

UGREEN has announced its latest mechanical keyboard, the UGREEN KU101. It is a high-quality 84-key compact mechanical keyboard with a low-profile design, dual connection mode support, and a beautiful design theme. UGREEN KU101 comes in two striking color options, Dreamland and Island Holiday, both of which look great. As for functionalities, the KU101 keyboard comes with dual connection modes. It includes Wired USB Type-C and Wireless Bluetooth connectivity. The UGREEN KU101 is launched officially for 359 Yuan, it gets a special 6.18 event discounted launch price of 339 Yuan.

GreenLink KU101-1

UGREEN KU101 keyboard adopts an 84-key layout with gradient color matching mushroom-styled keycaps. The keyboard adopts a low-profile design with specially developed thin low-profile mechanical switches. Low-profile keyboards are back in trend now. We recently saw a Low-profile mechanical keyboard from Logitech too.

GreenLink KU101-2

With the help of dual connection modes, the KU101 mechanical keyboard support Wired USB Type-C and Wireless Bluetooth connectivity. It can be connected to up to 4 devices while using a Wireless Bluetooth connection and support seamless switching between them. The UGREEN KU101 supports multiple systems including Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices. It has a multi-color RGB backlight with 15 pre-built backlight effects along with 5 brightness level adjustments. The keyboard goes into a low-power state when it is kept idle. IT houses a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that provides stable lag-free operation for over 180 hours(lights off), and up to 15 hours with the backlight turned on.

GreenLink KU101-3

UGREEN KU101 is a wonderful low-profile mechanical keyboard designed with top-quality features such as a design theme, low-profile mechanical switches, compact 84-key layout, Dual-connection modes, etc. Priced at 359 Yuan, the UGREEN seems to be an ideal choice for people who are looking for an artistic low-profile mechanical keyboard!!


>Low-profile design.

>84-key compact layout.

>Dual connection modes(Wired USB Type-C/Wireless Bluetooth).

>Adopts Low-profile mechanical switches.

>Multi-color RGB backlight.

>15 pre-built backlight effects.

>Extended battery life.

>Smooth operation.

>Seamless switching between Bluetooth sources.

>Supports Windows, macOS, Android and more.

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