DAREU Launches Special Celadon Porcelain Edition EM910 Pro Dual-Mode Gaming Mice

DAREU is a famous computer peripheral brand from China. They are known for their design approach for mechanical keyboards, gaming mice, and other computer accessories. DAREU has released a brand new specially designed variant for the famous EM910 Pro gaming mice based on the famous Celadon Porcelain. Celadon Porcelain depicts its unique theme with a beautiful Blue and White contrast which is not only pleasant but also has eye-catchy beautiful looks. DAREU has featured a beautiful flower and painting type pattern on the mice for extraordinary looks. 

DAREU EM910 Pro Qinghua Edition-1

DAREU EM910 is a dual-mode gaming mouse that supports USB Type-C wired and Wireless 2.4GHz connections. The mouse continues the design of DAREU’s classic gaming mouse with a wrangler shape, designed by a professional team at DAREU with pure hand-drawn design. It feels comfortable, you can use it for both gaming and office work for hours and won’t notice any kind of discomfort at all. EM910 Pro mice feature a special design with classical looks. The mouse adopts Bright Blue and contrasting white as the primary colors for its unique design. It has a hand-painted design, that looks utterly beautiful and eye-catchy.

DAREU EM910 Pro Qinghua Edition-2

DAREU has equipped the latest EM910 Special edition with their latest-gen AIM-WL sensor that provides competitive level high-precision 1:1 tracking and high-speed performance. The mouse supports precise aiming with a millisecond-level ultra-fast transmission that brings a new high-performance experience enabling the users to have a pro-level experience. This high-power sensor not only brings precise tracking and top-notch aiming, it also requires just 2.3mA low-power consumption promising the user extensive battery life.

DAREU EM910 Pro Qinghua Edition-3

DAREU EM910 Pro Special edition uses high-quality custom switches for both the left and right buttons. They use a long spring design to balance the force upon keystrokes. The customized switches are not only durable but also provide smooth feedback upon the keypresses.

DAREU EM910 Pro Qinghua Edition-4

DAREU EM910 Pro special edition gaming mice have an ultra-lightweight design. The mice weigh just 87 grams. It adopts an innovative inner skeleton design with a slim and sturdy shell. With its wireless connection, enjoy the freedom of a wireless gaming mouse with the latest special edition EM910 Pro. With its low-power design and dual-connection modes, the DAREU EM910 Pro Special Edition provides a superb battery life of up to 7 days after a single charge.  


>Ergonomic and lightweight.

>Innovative skeleton design for comfortable use.

>Unique design theme with beautiful Blue and White combination.

>KBS Technology that enables left and right buttons to work without any dead end.

>Dual connection modes, Wireless 2.4GHz and Wired USB Type-C.

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