DAREU & Yuan Qi Qi Comes Together For Brand-New Computer Peripherals

Firefly Comic-Con is the most popular comic book exhibition in South China. It started back in 2012 and ever since then has got a great following with an average of 320,000 visitors at every exhibition. This year the Firefly Comic-Con is happening at the Pazhou World Trade Expo Center in Guangzhou from 15th July to 18th July. This time, DAREU, a premium computer peripheral manufacturer is coming together with Yuan Qi Qi, a famous comic character from China. Together DAREU and Yuan Qi Qi have designed a set of 75% mechanical keyboards along with a mouse and a keyboard palm rest. These have got the name of the DAREU Yuan Qi Sugar Cube series. It’s a premium set of computer peripherals that not only have a striking design in soft pink color but also feature top-quality components for a premium user experience.

DAREU x Yuan Qi Qi-1

The popular Virtual avatar of Yuan QiQi will break through the dimensions and become the official face of the DAREU x Yuan Qi Sugar Cube series. The first set of peripherals from the Sugar Cube series combines women’s vision, and officially trends with its beautiful design theme. As per the official statement, DAREU x Yuan Qi Qi will convey love and positive vibes together with their first product from the Yuna Qi Sugar Cube series.

DAREU x Yuan Qi Qi-2

At the Firefly Comic-Con, DAREU will be bringing high-quality premium peripherals to the e-sports booth. Feel free to experience their premium range of products at the convention and feel free to connect with them for any questions or queries you have at the Comic-Con!!

For all those who are not familiar with DAREU, it's a premium computer peripheral brand from China that specializes in a designer-themed artistic mechanical keyboads, gaming mice, etc.

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