Corsair TC200: Brand New Esports Chairs For Comfortable Experience

Corsair is a leading brand with years of experience in designing computer peripherals that include mechanical keyboards, mice, and more. They specialize in designing gaming peripherals, their gaming mouse, mechanical keyboards, and chairs are used worldwide in professional esports tournaments. Recently, Corsair has released a brand-new series of esports gaming chairs, the Corsair TC200. Available in two different versions, one with fabric and the other with high-quality artificial leather material. For any casual or professional users of PC or even Laptops, comfort needs to be perfect while working or playing games. These chairs are designed for users who spend long hours on their PC/Laptop, providing them with superb comfort with style. The latest TC200 has a wide seat surface and long lifting range that allows the users to have a comfortable experience in different sitting positions.

Corsair TC200-1

The seating surface of the TC200 Fabric version is covered with a soft and breathable cloth material. On the Artificial Leather version, the brand has uses luxurious leather material for a premium design and feel. Both the versions have tiny vent holes which makes the chair ventilated and breathable increasing the comfort level for the users. They have built-in lumbar support and velvet detachable memory foam neck pillow for a healthy sitting posture. Enjoy your gaming sessions or complete your presentation with a stress-free comfortable sitting experience on the TC200.

Corsair TC200-2

Corsair has equipped the TC200 series of gaming chairs with a stable steel structure class 4 airlift. It allows the users to freely operate the seat position within a 120mm range. The seats have a 4D armrest on both sides that supports downward, left, right, front, rear, and tilting to help you find the best-suited position for a comfortable sitting posture. The chairs support 90°-180° tilt adjustment with durable 75mm two-wheel casters. Corsair TC200 gaming chairs are designed to deliver the most comfortable experience for the users.

Corsair TC200-3

Both the Fabric and Leather variants are available through Corsair’s official website and their official retailers with complete two-year warranty.

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