DARMOSHARK Introduces TOP75 Compact 75% Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

DARMOSHARK is a well-reputed brand in the mechanical keyboard industry. With a vast catalogue of products, DARMOSHARK is one of the most active brands from China in the PC peripheral market. DARMOSHARK has recently introduced its TOP-Structure keyboard, the DARMOSHARK TOP75. With its unique TOP structure design, the keyboard offers an excellent typing feel with comfortable aesthetics. It is an enticing keyboard which has a fantastic appearance as well.


DARMOSHARK TOP75 keyboard gives new and comforting typing feedback for its users. The keyboard has excellent typing consistency, improved feedback, and improved keystroke sound as well. Thanks to the full multi-layered noise and shock absorbing filling inside consisting of the switch underpad, sandwich silicone, bottom silicone, etc., the TOP75 keyboard provides super comfortable typing with an excellent key-tapping sound.


DARMOSHARK TOP75, as its name suggests, has a 75% compact keyboard layout. It is suitable for every scenario, whether you need the keyboard for everyday office use or core gaming use, the TOP75 will definitely fit into your setup. It features a built-in small colourful display screen along with a volume knob. The screen here can be customized with static images or animated Gifs, while the Volume knob allows for easy volume adjustment anytime anywhere.

The TOP75 comes equipped with DARMOSHARK & TTC’s recently developed customized Shark gaming series mechanical switches. With a short pre-travel of just 1.2mm, gentle 39gf trigger force, and a 20mm long spring, the Shark switches offer quick trigger response with silky smooth feedback and a satisfying rebound as well. Feel every single keystroke with the DARMOSHARK TOP75. The keyboard has a solid build structure and supports DARMOSHARK’s leading E-Shark wireless technology. It offers low-latency performance with lag-free wireless connectivity delivering stable performance.


DARMOSHARK TOP75 keyboard is an advanced keyboard loaded with new-generation features such as full-key conflict-free typing, dazzling RGB backlight, macro programming, etc. It’s a keyboard designed especially for gamers who want a beautiful build, comfortable typing feedback, improved typing accuracy, and quick-triggering fast mechanical switches. DARMOSHARK TOP75 will be soon available worldwide, stay connected with us for further information.

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