Darmoshark K9 104-Key Full-Sized & K6 TKL Hot-Swappable Mechanical Keyboards Available Now

Darmoshark is a known name in the industry mainly got their recognition for high-quality PC peripherals. They manufacture and market high-quality mice, mechanical keyboards, and other PC accessories. Today, Darmoshark has added two new mechanical keyboards to its collection, the 87-key TKL Darmoshark K6, and the full-sized mechanical Darmoshark K9.

Darmoshark K9-1

Darmoshark K9 houses a 104-key full-sized layout with a multi-function knob and features a striking black and white combination for its keycaps. It is designed with noise-absorbing foam and bottom foam layers for a smooth typing experience with softer acoustics. Darmoshark has equipped the K9 with premium Gateron G Pro Silver mechanical switches. The keyboard also supports easy replacement for the switches with its full-key hot-swappable PCB design. It supports both 3 and 5-pin switches making it compatible with most aftermarket mechanical switches. Darmoshark K9 houses OEM height PBT material keycaps. The keyboard also has a full-backlit design with 16.8million RGB colors. Darmoshark K9 houses a multi-function knob that allows for brightness and volume adjustment on the go.

The backlight can be customized easily without breaking a sweat. K9 is a wired keyboard with USB Wired connection support. Darmoshark K9 is available on pre-order for 119.99$, refer here for more info.

Darmoshark K6-1

Coming ahead to the second release, it's the Darmoshark K6. K6 is a compact TKL(Ten-key Less) keyboard that features an 82-key arrangement. TKL form factor is quite famous among gamers as well as office users as it retains the entire keyboard structure just drops on the Numeric keypad. The keyboard adopts a TOP-mounted structure for a solid and smooth typing experience. In this, the Keyboard Positioning plate is directly attached to the top cover. This relieves the keystroke pressure on the PCB and enables for seamless typing experience for the users. Darmoshark K6 comes in a variety of switch options including the latest Gateron G Pro Baby Kangaroo, Gateron G Pro Silver, etc. Apart from these premium mechanical switches, the K6 also supports a full-key hot-swappable PCB allowing the users to easily replace the switches. It also supports both 3-pin and 5-pin switches.

Darmoshark has featured premium dye-sublimed PBT material keycaps on the K6.  The K6 supports triple connection modes bringing Wireless Bluetooth V5.0, High-speed Wireless 2.4Ghz, and wired USB Type-C connectivity. Darmoshark K6 starts at 119.99$. Check out more information on the K6 here.

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