Darmoshark Launches M3 Micro PAW3395 8K Wireless Ultra-Compact Gaming Mouse

Darmoshark has come up with a new “M3” gaming mouse, introducing the Darmoshark M3 Micro. As you might have guessed from the name, this is a micro, compact, small form factor for the classic “M3” gaming mouse designed especially for people with small and medium hands. Darmoshark has made sure that the M3 Micro packs a mighty powerful performance in a compact and handy package. With the help of the PAW3395 sensor and NORDIC 52840 main core chipset, the M3 Micro promises best-in-class performance. The size of this beautiful mouse is just 105.5*54.6*33.5mm and its weight is just 42 grams. Darmoshark M3 Micro is launched in two color options, White and Black. It is available for $69.99 only, check out more details here.

Darmoshark M3 Micro-1

Darmoshark has an exclusive range of gaming mice, the M3 Micro fits right in with its excellent performance characteristics. It comes equipped with a flagship-level PAW3395 sensor that provides accurate tracking and silky-smooth movement. It provides excellent sensitivity control with a maximum sensitivity of 26000DPI on the mouse, 650IPS tracking speed, and 50g acceleration. Darmoshark has combined the excellent performance of the PAW3395 sensor with the NORDIC 52840 main control chipset. It enables a lightning-fast response rate of 8000Hz and maintains the efficient performance of the mouse as well. Do note that the mouse comes standard with a 1K receiver, you have to purchase the 8K wireless receiver separately.

Darmoshark M3 Micro-2

8K or 8000Hz polling rate is extremely fast. It treats the users with a lightning-fast response time of just 0.125ms. In 8K response rate mode, the mouse is up to 8 times faster than a normal gaming mouse in the market.

Darmoshark M3 Micro has a proper symmetrical ergonomic shape that is comfortable to grip and use. Its ergonomics match with previous models in the “M3” series but in a smaller and more compact way. The mouse has a compact design making it comfortable for people with small and medium hands. The M3 Micro has an ultra-lightweight design, weighing in at just 42 grams. With a comfortable ergonomic design, lightweight ergonomics, and PTFE curling feet, the Darmoshark M3 Micro promises a silky-smooth glide with low friction. The M3 Micro also has a skin-friendly smooth outer coating.

Darmoshark M3 Micro-3

Darmoshark M3 Micro is a highly versatile wireless gaming mouse. It supports three-mode convenient connectivity options, including wireless Bluetooth, wireless 2.4GHz, and wired USB connection options. Darmoshark has equipped the mouse with a 300mAh battery, it provides an outstanding battery lie of up to 84 hours with a single charge. Darmoshark M3 Micro has full Darmoshark driver integration, which allows for precise DPI adjustments and other settings on the mouse.

Darmoshark M3 Micro-4

Darmoshark M3 Micro comes in two simple color varieties, Elegant Black, and Sweet White. You can get one for just $69.99, get yours here.

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