DELUX M800 Pro Wireless 8kHz Gaming Mouse Now Available in Coral Pink Color

Earlier this year DELUX launched the M800 Pro, a highly versatile high-performance gaming mouse designed with top-quality components. The mice brought us amazing performance capabilities with a premium PAW3395 flagship gaming sensor, premium UV-Coating, Glass Feet Stickers, Huano Micro-Motion keys, and many more advanced features. Today, DELUX has come up with a brand new upgraded variant for the M800 Pro, it is called the same as M800 Pro but is now available in a stunning new Coral color option. It retains all the amazing features of the OG M800 Pro model and improves the performance with new features such as an advanced high-speed return rate supporting up to 8000Hz polling rate. So, are you ready to upgrade the way you game with the all-new DELUX M800 Pro Coral Pink??? Let’s find out more.

DELUX M800 Pro Coral Pink-1

New Color Variant:-

Originally available in White and Black color options, the new upgraded DELUX M800 Pro will be available in a striking new coral pink color. It looks absolutely stunning in this new pink color that has a full-body finish. The scroll wheel is black and complements the bright and vivid pink of the mouse. DELUX has treated the mouse with UV-coating for an ultimate in-hand feel. It feels absolutely premium and rich to hold and grip. UV-Coating also protects the color from yellowing or losing its charm with time.

New Faster Performance With Faster Polling Return Rate:-

The OG DELUX M800 Pro gaming mouse supported a return rate of 1000hz maximum. With the new M800 Pro Coral Pink, get an absolute upgrade in performance with its high-speed return rate supporting up to 8000hz, yes 8 times the OG return rate when used in wired connection mode, and up to 2000Hz return rate when used in wireless mode. This upgrade in return rate brings drastic and noticeable improvements in regard to the performance of the mouse. We get smoother tracking with improved accuracy, which greatly helps in improving gaming performance. It has now become the perfect mouse for gaming including professional esports titles where every second matters!!

DELUX M800 Pro Coral Pink-2

Extremely Smooth Performance:-

Get extremely smooth performance with excellent accuracy with the M800 Pro Coral Pink. It retains the flagship PAW3395 gaming sensor from the OG M800 Pro but with the help of a faster return rate, its performance is taken to an all-new level. It still supports a high-speed resolution of up to 26000DPI with faster 650IPS tracking speed and 50g acceleration. M800 Pro Coral Pink feels smoother and faster than the OG model!!

Optimized Battery Life:-

DELUX M800 Pro Coral Pink houses a 500mAh battery just like the OG model. It gets noticeable improvements in its performance that would have taken a toll on its battery, but DELUX has optimized the battery performance on the mouse allowing it to provide up to 70 hours of battery life with every single charge. Considering the fast return rate, and precisely accurate sensor, these numbers are quite good for the mouse.

DELUX M800 Pro Coral Pink-3

Quality Features With an Amazing Battery Life:-

DELUX M800 Pro is a premium-quality gaming mouse. It has been designed keeping in mind the requirements of users who require the best performance. The new M800 Pro retains all the features of the OG model such as convenient three-mode connectivity, gorilla-glass feet stickers, Huano micro-motion switches, long-lasting battery life, etc.

Price & Availability:-

DELUX M800 Pro Coral Pink is launched officially for 59.99$, check out more information here.

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