Lofree Flow: Brand New Compact 84-Key Dual-Mode Low-Profile Mechanical Keyboard

Lofree is a premium boutique brand from China. The brand specializes in a variety of products ranging from unique, designer mechanical keyboards to beautifully crafted mice, Smooth sounding speakers to retro-themed table accessories, and more. Today, we are proudly launching a brand new keyboard from the house of Lofree, presenting the Lofree Flow. Flow is a compact dual-mode low-profile mechanical keyboard designed beautifully in an exquisitely crafted compact all-aluminum alloy chassis. Lofree has jointly developed premium full POM material low-profile switches with Kailh for satisfying clicking feedback on the keyboard!!

Lofree Flow-1

Lofree Flow is a complete package. This 75% keyboard with its 84-key arrangement and elegant low-profile design will suit your setup. Lofree Flow is launched officially for 149.99$, you can check out more information here.

Lofree Flow is a classy keyboard. The brand is known for its exquisite craftsmanship. Flow is built using high-quality all-metallic aluminum alloy chassis which gives the keyboard a robust, solid structure. Internals have a gasket structure with multi-layered padding which helps in achieving good comfort and softer acoustics while typing. The Lofree Flow has high-quality PBT material keycaps specially crafted to match its low-profile design. They are crafted using a high-precision dye-sublimation process treating them with high durability. Lofree Flow looks simple yet has eye-catching elegant looks.

Lofree Flow-2

To provide satisfying typing feedback, Lofree and Kailh have jointly designed all-new low-profile full-POM material mechanical switches. The keyboard has Ghost(low-profile linear switches), or Phantom(low-profile Tactile switches). With a full POM material build, these switches provide silky-smooth typing feedback. We have a moderately light trigger force with an elongated spring for a quick rebound on both switch options. The Lofree Flow has a monochromatic backlight with RGB ambient light. The backlight here has five levels of brightness while the RGB ambient light has 3 different operating modes, Always on, Breathing, and Off. It has 8 different color changes. This ambient light helps the user to create the perfect atmosphere for usage.

Lofree Flow-3

Lofree Flow mechanical keyboard has dual-mode connectivity. The keyboard supports Wireless Bluetooth connectivity as well as wired USB Type-C connectivity. The Wireless Bluetooth mode allows for easy connection with three devices with quick switching between them. Lofree Flow mechanical keyboard has got spectacular looks with a premium in-hand feel. The keyboard is well-built and has got an elegant low-profile structure. Its 84-key arrangement is fully practical as well as compact occupying little space on the desk. Lofree has introduced the Flow in two striking color options, White and Black. It is launched officially for 149.99$, know more details here.

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