DURGOD K330W PLUS Ultra-Compact 60% Wireless Mechanical Keyboard Available Now

DURGOD has released a brand new mechanical keyboard, the DURGOD K330W Plus. It’s an ultra-compact 60% wireless mechanical keyboard with a 61 keys layout. DURGOD K330W Plus is available in multiple switch options including Red, Brown, Silver, and Silent Red as stock. The keyboard has hotswappable switch design, so that users can change the switches as per their liking. It has triple connection modes, one can connect it via Bluetooth V5.0, Wireless 2.4GHz, and USB Type-C Wired with multiple sources. The K330W Plus also supports seamless connection with three devices at a time. The keyboard is available in multiple color options, each one looking simply spectacular. DURGOD K330W is available with us for only 109$, check out more details here.


DURGOD K330W Plus is an ultra-compact 60% mechanical keyboard. It occupies very less space on your Desk and still provides you with full functionality. The keyboard has a 61 keys layout dropping down on the arrow keys and maintaining a very compact build and structure. The keyboard is very well-built. It has aluminum alloy chassis with a well-polished look. Not to mention the four amazing colors the keyboard is available in.


DURGOD K330W Plus has three different connection modes. It supports Bluetooth V5.0 connectivity, Wireless 2.4GHz connectivity, and USB Type-C Wired connections too. The Wireless 2.4GHz connection is ultra-fast with low-latency support. It can be connected to three devices and can be switched between them seamlessly. It supports Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices fully. You can hook it up with your Macbook or iMac and use it without any trouble.


DURGOD K330W Plus comes fully assembled with dual-colored PBT keycaps. PBT Keycaps as we know, are better than the regular ABS keycaps both in terms of feel and finish. They have a rich matte finish. The keyboard also supports ZEUS engine, that allows you to customize its usability too.

DURGOD K330W Plus has hot-swappable switch design that allows the users to change the switches as per their liking. Stock, the Keyboard has high-quality DURGOD Smooth Switches.


>Tri-Mode connections.

>Wireless 2.4GHz & Bluetooth V5.0 connectivity.

>Type-C USB Connectivity.

>Three device switching with Wireless connection.

>Hot-Swappable Switches.

>Solid Aluminum chassis.

>Compact 60% layout.

>Dual-coloured PBT keycaps.

>Lightweight design.

>Super long battery life.

>Durgod Zeus engine.

>Added silicone pads and cotton for quite acoustics.

>Low-latency faster connection.

Technical Specs:-

>Dimensions: 300x112x36mm.

>Weight: 530 grams.

>Keys: 61.

>Polling rate: 1000Hz.



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