Keychron Q85: Latest 80% Mechanical Keyboard Available On Group Buy

Keychron is a famous name in the mechanical keyboard market. They are among the top players that have a huge catalog of mechanical keyboards at friendly prices. Every now and then Keychron releases a new keyboard into its collection. Recently we got the Keychron Q2, and today Keychron has unveiled a new keyboard, The Keychron Q85. The Q85 is available only on Group-Buy which means if the brand gets enough orders, only then they will produce the keyboard. Groupbuy is live on the Keychron page, production will begin once 200 units have been ordered. You can also pre-order the Keychron Q85 with us from here, the price is 234$ for the fully-assembled version.

Keychron Q85-1

Keychron Q85 is a TKL keyboard with an 80% layout. The keyboard consists of 85 keys. The unique thing here with the latest Q85 is that it doesn’t have the Win keys on both Left and Right sides and the length of the Ctrl Key and the Alt Key is increased to 1.5U. The spacebar has also been lengthened to 7U. It looks like a fresh design with longer Ctrl, Alt, and Spacebar keys. At the top close to the function keys, we have got a programmable multi-function knob. Q85 has got a CNC machined well-finished Aluminum chassis with a double gasket design. It has south-facing RGB with a single button to switch the modes.

Keychron Q85-2

Keychron Q85 has Screw-In Stabilisers for a completely stabilized operation, no key will be dangling around. It has Hot-swappable switches and supports both 3 and 5 pin mechanical switches. The Keyboard supports both Windows and Mac Systems straight out of the box. Keychron also includes Mac-appropriate keycaps for CMD and Opt buttons. A fully assembled Q85 will come with Dye-Sub PBT Keycaps and gives us a choice from Gateron G-Pro Switches.

Keychron Q85-3

As we mentioned earlier in this blog, Keychron Q85 is a group-buy keyboard. The brand will only produce it if they reach its target of 200 units by June 10, 2022. The production time of the Keyboard will be 5 months from the production beginning(It will begin as soon as the brand receives 200 orders). Do note that we will pre-order the product on your behalf with Keychron once you place an order with us. According to the Keychron Policy, they will not entertain cancellation after 14 days of ordering. If by any chance the target of 200 units is not matched by Keychron they will refund the money after 10th June 2022 within seven days.

Features of Keychron Q85:-

>Available in With Knob/Without Knob options.

>QMK/VIA support out of the box.

>Double-Gasket design.

>Full CNC machined aluminum chassis.

>South-facing RGB.

>Type-C Port.

>Screw-in Stabilisers.

>Hot-Swappable for both 3-pin and 5-pin mechanical switches.

>Windows/macOS support.

>Black color case.

>Dye-Sub PBT Keycaps.


234$ for with Knob version, 224$ for without Knob version. Check out more details here. Do note that this is a group-buy, the brand will produce only when they get 200 units orders by 10th June 2022, if they don't achieve this target the orders will be canceled and money will be returned within seven business days.

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