DURGOD Launches K615W Compact 97-Key Three-Mode Mechanical Keyboard

Introducing the all-new DURGOD K615W three-mode 97-key compact mechanical keyboard. DURGOD is a famous name in the PC peripheral industry. The brand has years of expertise in producing high-quality PC peripherals including mechanical keyboards, gaming mice, etc. The latest K615W is a brand-new three-mode mechanical keyboard with a 97-key layout. The keyboard looks absolutely stunning as it is available in two elegant color options. DURGOD has featured a white backlight that greatly enhances the look and feel of the keyboard with an elegant touch. The K615W is a keyboard that is ideal to use for any scenario, it is appropriate for offices as well as gaming setups!!


DURGOD has launched the K615W for 149.99$, check out more information here.

The K615W keyboard features versatile three-mode connectivity. You can connect the keyboard to your choice of source device. It supports wireless Bluetooth, Wireless 2.4GHz, and Wired USB Type-C connectivity. The Bluetooth mode allows the user to connect the keyboard to three devices with seamless switching. The K615W supports automatic switching between Windows and Mac operating modes. DURGOD has equipped the keyboard with sandwich cotton padding as well as bottom padding. This dual-layered design is done so as to promise comfortable typing with soft cavity sound.


DURGOD K615W keyboard features full-key hot-swappable sockets allowing the users to have full DIY control of the keyboard feel. The switches can be replaced as and when required. In stock form, DURGOD offers a variety of mechanical switches to choose from while purchasing the keyboard. This includes customized DURGOD switches featuring Turbo Red, Turbo Brown, Turbo Silver, and a few other options. DURGOD K615W keyboard also has full-key conflict-free operation ensuring comfortable typing with no ghosting issues.


DURGOD 615W keyboard is available in two color options. Both of these color options look elegant and eye-catchy. They have a simple and elegant white color backlight. Users can play with different effects available on the keyboard to customize their experience. The K615W keyboard is fully compatible with DURGOD Zeus software opening doors to unlimited customization options and macro functions. The K615W mechanical keyboard features high-quality PBT material keycaps. They have an OEM height profile and dual-tone injection-molded build structure. PBT materials ensure good durability for the keycaps.


DURGOD has equipped the keyboard with a large-capacity battery. It gets a durability rating of up to 360 days on Bluetooth mode with the lights turned off and up to 200 days on Wireless 2.4GHz connectivity and lights turned off. Extraordinary battery life if you ask us!! DURGOD K615W is an outstanding keyboard that’s suitable for most use scenarios. Its 97-key arrangement makes it approximately 20% smaller than a regular full-sized keyboard. The DURGOD K615W is launched for 149.99$, check out more details here.

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