AJAZZ Introduces All-New AC067 White Moon Three-Mode Gasket Mounted Keyboard

AJAZZ is a famous name in the mechanical keyboard industry. The brand is known for its outstanding range of mechanical keyboards that are designed with new and unique themes. Today, we are proudly launching their new keyboard on our store, the AJAZZ AC067 White Moon. AC067 is a very famous model from the brand that has many unique designer variants. The latest AC067 White Moon joins the catalog with a sweet and elegant design theme. It showcases the beauty of frost, ice, and snow with its eye-catchy color theme. Are you looking for an elegantly designed keyboard with a super compact layout? AJAZZ AC067 White Moon might fit your requirements perfectly.

AJAZZ AC067 White Moon-1

AJAZZ has launched the AC067 White Moon for just 149.99$. You can check out more information here.

The AC067 White Moon looks absolutely adorable. The keyboard has a superb build with metallic aluminum alloy chassis. With a clear white color scheme, the keyboard looks like frost and snow. AJAZZ has designed the keyboard with electrostatic spraying technology that protects the chassis from corrosion and oxidation issues. It also has a brushed copper material backplate which gives the keyboard stability and also adds to its premium look.

AJAZZ AC067 White Moon-2

AC067 White Moon is designed with a gasket-mounted structure design. The keyboard features a PC material positioning board. Along with a three-layered sound-absorbing design, the AJAZZ AC067 White Moon offers super smooth typing with comfortable and soft acoustics. The keyboard has a dynamic RGB backlight design. You get 18 different dynamic and static lighting effects to choose from. AJAZZ has featured customized Watermelon switches on the AC067 White Moon keyboard. They offer silky smooth typing with quick trigger response and a smooth feedback. The keyboard adopts high-quality PBT material side-engraved keycaps.

AJAZZ AC067 White Moon-3

AJAZZ AC067 is an advanced keyboard that comes with all the latest connectivity options. The keyboard supports versatile three-mode connectivity featuring Wireless Bluetooth, Wireless 2.4GHz, and Wired USB Type-C connections. You can easily connect the keyboard to a variety of devices. It packs a 2000mAh battery promising a long-lasting battery life of easily up to 100 hours with a complete charge.

AJAZZ AC067 White Moon-4

AJAZZ AC067 White Moon is a very well-built product. The complete metallic chassis, high-quality PBT material keycaps, dynamic RGB backlight, and a bunch of other features greatly enhance your user experience with the keyboard. It is available for an attractive price of 149.99$, feel free to check out more information here.

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