QPAD GP-48 Series High-Quality Gaming Series Tempered Glass Mouse Pads

Introducing the all-new QPAD GP-48 series of high-performance gaming mousepad. The mousepad features a high-quality MOH 7H series tempered glass surface that provides a strong, robust build and accurate tracking experience. The GP-48 series is available in four stunning design options, from Starry night sky to elegant flower patterns. With a 97% light-transmitting nature, the GP-48 series mousepad is compatible with most optical sensors out there. Unleash the full potential of your mouse with perfect glide and precise control with the QPAD GP-48 series mousepad. It is launched officially for 75.99$, Check out more information here.

QPAD GP-48 Glass MousePad-1

Glass Mousepads are the new innovation in the industry. They are widely developed by various brands in the industry. With better and smoother user experience, these offer better durability as well. The best part is that they have a silky smooth surface that ensures perfect glide and offers accurate tracking. The latest QPAD GP-48 series mousepads are built using MOH7H series tempered glass that provides the mousepad with a solid build structure. The mousepad is not easy to deform or break and offers great durability.

QPAD GP-48 Glass MousePad-2

In addition, the QPAD GP-48 series mousepads have a 97% light-transmitting nature. It not only provides a luminous experience but also makes the pad compatible with a maximum number of mouse sensors. The Mousepad has an anti-corrosion design that helps prevent damage from sweat or moisture. QPAD GP-48 gaming mousepad has an anti-skid PU polymer base for a firm user experience. It is available in a large size(480x400x4mm), promising solid performance without the mouse sliding out of the pad.

QPAD GP-48 Glass MousePad-3

QPAD GP-48 series is available in two different variants, the 48C has a rough-grain textured top-surface offering more speed and the 48F offers a fine-lined top-surface that offers better control.

You can choose the one based on your own requirements, it is available in four stunning design options as well. The launch price is 75.99$, more details are here.

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